Johan Angergård is the label head of Labrador Records, a random DJ and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Angergård has released somewhere between 25-30 albums under various names, including Pallers, Djustin, Club 8 and Eternal Death. The Legends is his solo outlet known for changing musical direction with each album; a fact he comments with the words,”I’ve never cared much about what people are gonna think of my music. If I did I’d be the biggest artist on the planet.”

The Legends have released five albums since 2003 and, although considered defunct after 2009’s Over And Over, re-appeared in 2015 on Brooklyn label, Cascine, with the melancholic electro album, It’s Love. His latest single, ‘Cash‘, is taken from upcoming album, Nightshift, which sees The Legends return to Angergård’s own Labrador Records, I’m more self-confident today and figured I might as well go all DIY again,” he says. “As much as I love other people, there’s just no opinion I value higher than my own right now.”

As for his playlist for FMS, “I’ve been in love with synth arpeggios ever since I was 9. It started with Fad Gadget and continued with slightly hard stuff like Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and Nitzer Ebb. Naturally I use it quite a bit myself as you’ll discover when my album, Nightshift, is released on April 21st.” Check it out.

1. Tangerine Dream – ‘Rubycon Part 1’

“I’ve had the most wonderful dreams (no pun intended) about their synthesizer sounds. Outer worldly.”

2. The Knife – ‘Silent Shout’

“I love how it keeps evolving throughout the song without losing its subtlety and darkness.”

3. Liaisons Dangereuses – ‘Los Niños Del Parque’


4. Glass Candy – ‘Digital Versicolor’

“Why make it hard when you can make it ridiculously simple and it still sounds great?”

5. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – ‘Der Mussolini’

“I know you saw this track coming, but it¹s an obvious choice for the best of reasons.”

6. New Order – ‘Your Silent Face’

“Most of my favorite arpeggios are fairly dark and/or hard so this is rather different. It’s bright and shiny and truly uplifting.”

7. Field Mice – ‘Missing The Moon’

“Another exception from the rule. Melancholic, sensitive and just lovely. I listened to this a million times as a teenager.”

8. Austra – ‘Beat And The Pulse’

“I suspect they might have listened a bit to The Knife’s ‘Silent Shout’, but it’s just as amazing nevertheless.”

9. Chromatics – ‘Looking For Love’

“Another great track from the master of simplicity, Mr. Johnny Jewel.”

10. Anne Clark – ‘Sleeper In Metropolis’

“A total classic in every possible way. The arpeggios are so driving the track almost stumbles forward.”

The Legends release the double vinyl album, Nightshift, on April 21st via Labrador Records.

You can listen to all Ask the DJ playlists on the FMS Magazine Spotify channel. Find The Legends playlist HERE.

The Legends - Nightshift