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IRENE SJ YU SS18 @ London Fashion Week - Photos (c) KINO

IRENE SJ YU SS18 @ London Fashion Week

Set in Soho's ICETANK, one of the most eye-catching and distinctive collections of fashion week was that of IRENE SJ YU, who presented a “lively collection whic...

Tata Naka SS18 @ London Fashion Week

Tata Naka’s SS18 collection had a charmingly feminine style, leaving us gushing at the tailored pieces they presented at London Fashion Week, this September. De...

Pam Hogg SS18 @ London Fashion Week

If you’re into tulle, PVC, and colour-blocking then you’ll be into Pam Hogg’s SS18 collection which previewed at Freemasons' Hall on Thursday morning of fashion...
Julia Cohen

Julia Cohen

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