Julia Cohen

Adam French: New Track & Fresh Chat

Adam French | Photo by Michael Robert Williams Adam French has developed a name for himself on the songwriting and producing scene, impressively upholding c...

Gabriel Vielma @ London Fashion Week AW16

Gabriel Vielma’s Beside the Seaside collection takes derivation from “vintage sailor images, navigation maps, ocean flora and Wes Anderson’s film, The Life Aqua...

Edeline Lee @ London Fashion Week AW16

London saw Fashion Week take over yesterday, with venues across Soho showcasing collections by some of the best up and coming designers, such as one Edeline Lee...
Julia Cohen

Julia Cohen

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American-Scot; not Irish, Australian or Swedish, just the most confusing accent you will hear. Fashion, travel and pizza aficionado, with an inability to pick just one. Writer, dog walker and professional shower-singer.