07 Dec

Ask the DJ: The Franklys – 10 Tracks from Artists That Inspired Our Band


London-based, with two members from Sweden, The Franklys play rock ‘n’ roll the way it’s …

25 Nov

Ask the DJ: SIRMA – 10 Tracks I Listen To For Inspiration


NYC based – Istanbul born – SIRMA is an artist, songwriter and producer who blends Alternative …

15 Nov

Ask the DJ: Majik – 11 Tracks That Added Texture To Our Sound


MAJIK kick off their European tour at King Tuts in Glasgow today, in support of …

10 Nov

Ask the DJ: Sian Cross – Top 10 Songs On My Touring Playlist


Sian Cross, a former backing vocalist to Stevie Wonder, Jessie J, Daniel Beddingfield and Mica …

03 Nov

Ask the DJ: BEL – 10 Songs That Make Me Feel Alive


BEL – Melbourne’s 20-year-old singer-songwriter – emerged earlier this year with ‘Melancholia‘, the first single from …

26 Oct

Ask the DJ: iET – Top 10 Favourite Vinyls


Dutch based artist, iET, released Clarity this September, the follow-up to 2014’s full length psychedelic soul album, …

20 Oct

Ask the DJ: Stergin – Top 10 Tracks I Hope My Neighbours Like as Much as I Do


Making music is its own reward for London’s multi-talented musician/producer, Vinzenz Stergin. Teamed with versatile …

04 Oct

Ask the DJ: Selfie Boy – Top 10 Tracks to Come Down with Me


Selfie Boy (who also happens to be one half of The 2 Bears) is set to …

28 Sep

Iron Lines: Five Songs That Inspired ‘Voices’ Debut


Next month sees the release of ‘Voices‘, the debut single by new musical outfit, Iron Lines. …

19 Sep

Ask the DJ: Maxi Jazz – Top 10 Moments of Musical Genius


After twenty years touring the globe as one third of one of the most successful electronic acts in …

14 Sep

Ask the DJ: Living Dead Girl – Top 10 Sinister Songs w/ Unique Electronic Instrumentation & Style


Living Dead Girl are a multi-instrumental two piece who produce layered, atmospheric electronica with a …

10 Sep

Ask the DJ: Anders Knudsen – Top 10 Tunes That Illuminate My Life


Copenhagen’s Anders Knudsen is a solo artist and guitarist with Dør Nr. 13. His sophomore album, …

04 Sep

Ask the DJ: Tim Muddiman – Top 10 Soundtrack to the Past, Present and Future


Tim Muddiman & The Strange are set to release debut album, Paradise Runs Deeper, on …

01 Sep

Ask the DJ: Stealing Signs – Top 10 Movie Music Moments


This week’s playlist was created by Stealing Signs, who have just released second single ‘Two …

24 Aug

Ask the DJ: Mikko Joensuu – Top 10 Songs That Transport Me to Isolation


Mikko Joensuu is the kind of singer-songwriter who’ll easily stand out from the crowd. His …