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Sarah Hardy: sarah[at]

Dobrawa Zowisło (Fashion/Culture): dobrawa.zowislo[at]
Jeanette Franks (Fashion/Music/Culture): jeanette.franks[at]
Julia Cohen (Fashion/Culture): julia.cohen[at]
Mayzie Hopkins (Fashion/Culture): mayzie.hopkins[at]
Rhianonn Mangan (Music/Culture): rhianonn.mangan[at]
Tice Cin (Music/Culture): tice.cin[at]
William Sutton (Music): william.sutton[at]


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FMS Magazine is the successor to FASHION.MUSIC.STYLE, a quarterly print publication retailed worldwide between 2008 and 2011.

Our mission is to be the number one consumer resource for what’s happening in Fashion, Music, Style and Culture, as told by our worldwide contributors on the street. If you’d like to take part in making that happen, then we’d like to hear from you, whether you’re already a player in the creative industries, or are looking to gain experience in digital publishing.

Please get in touch for more information, enclosing your CV and some samples/links to your work.



FMS Magazine is open to submissions from those looking to get their work published.

If you’ve shot a fashion editorial, filmed a video, or written a feature that you think is suited to our creative and metropolitan readership, then please get in touch.

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