Two years in the making, Hillström and Billy’s fifth full length release The Never Ending Paint Job hits stores on 30th March 2015.

The Never Ending Paint Job is just as the title suggests. Two years were spent recording the album in an ancient church, putting delicate strokes and touches to the musical canvas until the record felt ‘complete’.

Friends and fellow Swedish musicians visited the church/recording studio to add their artistic nuances to the recording process. As people came and went, the album took on new influences and visions- the result being something that sits between Neil Young, Low, and Tame Impala.

‘Blank Slate’ is reminiscent of Low at their most pastoral. Guitars are gently strummed whilst a falsetto male vocal is both heart-wrenching and beautiful. This track, along with many on the album takes you on a picturesque journey; you can’t but help lose yourself blissfully in music like this.

‘The Holding’ is original as a whole song, but there’s certainly a distinct Neil Young countrified twang. Guitars and strings work in unison on this track to great effect. “To the rest I was dancing, to me it was just a walk,” lyrically Petter Hillström certainly knows how to deliver more than a clever line or two on this release.

Overall, The Never Ending Paint Job is a wonderful concept album. The mix of styles and influences creates something both refreshing and intriguing. Multi-layered and faceted, this album deserves repeated listening, as something new takes hold during each new listen and that is a joy to behold on this and any worthwhile album.

Words: Nick Vivid