Bon Iver

11 May

Ask the DJ: .dxf – Top 10 Live Footage Moments in Urban Folk & Culture


.dxf is an entity that celebrates the connection between French urban producer, Keight, and My …

26 Jan

Introducing: South London’s Rondo Mo & ‘Overflow’


South London vocalist, producer and instrumentalist, Rondo Mo (Robbie Redway), crafts intense, modern electronic soundscapes that draw …

10 Nov

Ask the DJ: Sian Cross – Top 10 Songs On My Touring Playlist


Sian Cross, a former backing vocalist to Stevie Wonder, Jessie J, Daniel Beddingfield and Mica …

15 Jun

Ask the DJ: Roman Kemp – Top 10 Most Overplayed Songs On My Phone


Roman Kemp is making his mark on the airwaves, having scored his own prime-time show on Capital FM, …

19 Feb

Ed Tullett Releases Debut Album: Fiancé


Today, sees the release of Ed Tullett‘s beautifully atmospheric debut album, Fiancé, via Monotreme Records. At just twenty-two years of …