Dreamy pop sensation, Holiday Sidewinder, has dished up another sparkling gem, in the form of East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’.

That old chestnut of a 90’s tune was only discovered by the Australian-born artist last Christmas, while nestled in amongst a big and boisterous Punjabi family in West London. The iconic boy band video played through the hubbub of Christmas jubilation, and immediately struck a chord with Holiday, for its juxtaposition of sadness with the cheeriness of the occasion.

London-based Holiday started her career as a young teen in the Australian indie band, Bridezilla – handpicked by Nick Cave, Sia, John Cale and The Flaming Lips to play festivals and tours around the globe – and her debut solo outing ‘Carousel’ was co-written and produced by the legendary Mike Chapman (Blondie, Tina Turner). She has since written a self-described ‘continental breakfast buffet’ of new material, the first songs of which are set to be released early in the new year.

In keeping with the melancholy holiday theme, check out her playlist of songs for the brokenhearted this festive season.

1. Billie Davis – ‘Angel Of The Morning’

“The ultimate bachelorette anthem to get you through your one night stands.”

2. Carly Simon – ‘Why’

“A feel good sad song, with a famously awkward video. I like how lo-fi it is, tried to borrow this vibe for the ‘Stay Another Day’ video.”

3. Aaron Neville – ‘Tell It Like It Is’

“Always tell it like it is. This one is for all the internet daters and their Ghosting, Benching and Zombeing.”

4. Question Mark and the Mysterians – ‘96 Tears’

“Raucous. 60s Garage band from Bay City doing vitriolic teenage heartache and pain so well. Incidentally, a great funeral song too.”

5. Dorothy Ashby – ‘Why Did You Leave Me’

“The Fantastic Jazz Harp of Dorothy Ashby – an African American female composer and multi-instrumentalist I’m totally in love with. This instrumental will keep you moving with a skip in your step through the crisp cool air, whilst thinking ‘why did you leave me?’”

6. Lustt – ‘Pillow Talk’

“The original was written and recorded by Sylvia Robinson (of Sylvia & Mickey ‘Love Is Strange’ fame) who wrote it for Al Green (who thought it was too risqué). I’m a big fan of this 1983 Italo disco cover version by the mysterious Lustt (aka Suzanne Stevens, who worked as a receptionist in Montreal).”

7. Ultravox – ‘Vienna’

“Ultimate. Gives me all the feelings. Devastatingly beaten to Number 1 in the UK by Joe Dolce‘s novelty hit, ‘Shaddap You Face’.”

8. Laura Branigan – ‘Gloria’

“A belter from New Yorker, Laura Branigan, and an absolute classic 80s tune. ‘Will you meet him on the main line, or will you catch him on the rebound? Will you marry for the money, take a lover in the afternoon?’ Here’s hoping for the belle de jour option.”

9. Harry Nilsson – ‘Without You’

“Harry Nilsson, with one of the most unforgettable vocal performances in recording history. Mariah nailed it, but Harry is so vulnerable and raw.”

10. Asha Puthli – ‘Lies’

“Love her vicious and seething version of this JJ Cale tune. Asha Puthli is wild. Still singing on dance hits in the US well into her 70’s.”

11. Barbara Lynn – ‘You’ll Lose A Good Thing’

Jimi Hendrix’s sister, Barbara! This whole album is fantastic, but this tune takes the cake. Anyone being dumped (or doing the dumping) this Christmas will appreciate the sentiment hopefully!”

You can watch Holiday Sidewinder’s video for ‘Stay Another Day’ HERE.

Available on limited edition cassette tape from holidaysidewinder.com and across all digital platforms.

Holiday Sidewinder - Stay Another Day