Scottish singer, songwriter and producer, Joell, released his debut EP this summer. Born out of the same studio in Edinburgh used by his good friends, Young Fathers, Ignorance takes listeners on a journey with dark, melodic sounds, bass driven, 808 drum patterns and savvy metaphorical lyrics.

“Scotland can be a little set in its ways and sticks to its traditions. This makes it hard for young creatives like myself to thrive in an environment where we don’t quite have the outlets to get our art out. We can be a little bit behind in regard to London. However, there’s a new surge of young people all over Scotland finding a new confidence, stepping out and showcasing our talents to the world not only in music but fashion, food, radio, club nights etc. Once, young people would shy from being different and stick to mundane trends. This gave me the idea of my brand – Can’t Save Everyone. Now we’re creating our own original scene up here. Everyone’s hungry and wants a piece of the pie.

“I have so much respect for the old school however many of my biggest influences come from other young creatives, making their own waves. This is a list of artists and music you’d find among my Spotify playlists that have helped carve who I am and has led me to create my debut EP and short film – Ignorance. Love Scotland.”

Check out the Top 10 tracks you’ll find Joell playing repeatedly on Spotify that help guide him through life.

1. Joell – ‘Liquor’

“Picked this one firstly because it’s a teaser to my debut project plus it’s perfect for those deep Monday morning thoughts on route to work”.

2. Kanye West – ‘All Mine’

“Just a quick reminder from Ye why he’s Apex of the food chain.”

3. Sonder – ‘One Night Only’

“Sonder make some of the coolest music. Very personal and relatable. I love the funky beat as it reminds of old school R&B with a modern twist and of course Brent Faiyaz melts the beat. It was either this or their hit ’Too Fast’.”

4. Playboi Carti  – ‘Lean 4 Real (feat. Skepta)’

“Pour me up some, Henny”.

5. Octavian – ‘Move Me’

“Octavian’s at the forefront of where music’s headed. A melting pot of sounds, rhythms, offbeat rap and a unique voice. You can’t restrict his music to a set genre, he’s creating his own.”

6. Kanye & Kid Cudi – ‘Feel The Love (feat. Pusha T)’

“People need to put media BS aside. Just appreciate the art. 3 artists that have played a major roll in shaping modern hip hop. It’s creative, wild and you can feel the energy. Imagine this live. Or even being in the studio at the time they made this.”

7. Tupac – ‘Hit Em Up’

“Thanks Biggie for your lyrical genius. Thanks, Tupac for your bravado.”

8. Nines – ‘Oh My (feat. Yung Fume, SL, Tiggs Da Author)’

Crop Circle is my favourite album of 2018 so far. I’d put Nines’ whole album on this list but I just happened to be banging this in my car earlier. Nines forever.”

9. Majid Jordan – ‘Small Talk’

“Some of my biggest influence comes from Majid Jordan. The duo creates a natural high that I get lost in every time I bump this one. You play this at any party you’ll have the whole room boogying.”

10. Skepta – ‘Pure Water’

“He’s played a vital role in changing UK music forever. From Pirate radio to Naomi Campbell. Its why we chase our dreams. Thanks, Skepta.”

Joell’s Ignorance EP is out now and streaming HERE. Watch his short film is HERE.

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