This week’s playlist was created by Denholm Whale, bass player for Toronto trio, Odonis Odonis.

Odonis Odonis broke onto the underground scene in 2011 with their scrappy, blown out debut, Hollandaze, and instantly began turning heads with their haze filled live shows and unique combination of influences. Their masterfully crafted follow-up, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, earned them a Polaris Prize nomination, while also pushing them into groundbreaking territory.

New track, ‘Vanta Black‘, serves a fresh slice of their pulsating, industrial, sci-fi inspired, synth sounds, and is taken from upcoming album, Post Plague, due June 17th via FeltePost Plague, delivers a hypnotic pulse that leaves a lasting impression. Dean Tzenos‘ vocals sit clear and upfront, delivered with a foreboding intensity that matches each song’s dystopian reality. While Denholm Whale’s bass lays demolition charges, nimbly sidestepped by Jarod Gibson‘s futurist rhythms.

Enough of the good stuff, check out Denholm Whale’s Top 10 Most Hated Tracks…

1. Nickelback – ‘Sharp Dressed Man (Live)’

“You can pretty much smell the Coors Light; I think the sunglasses and matching suits really say it all. This video makes me question myself and the world around me.

“Do I really want to participate in this life?”

2. Billy Ray Cyrus – ‘Achy Breaky Heart’

“I remember being around five years old and hearing this song on my mom’s car radio in her dilapidated Ford Festiva. I remember wondering if us being poor and North American meant that I was only privy to a limited area of culture best represented by this song. I wept quietly as my tiny body uncontrollably began to line dance.”

3. USS – ‘This Is The Best’

“I didn’t know about this song until I started building this list and I completely fucking hate it. USS is what makes me want to shit myself. If I had the choice between listening to this song again and sawing off my own dick with a rusty spoon I’d take the latter with a smile.”

4. Smash Mouth – ‘I’m A Believer’

“You know what I don’t hate – the Monkees. The Monkees are fucking great and screw you if you disagree. You know what I hate? Early 00’s super bros shitting all over bands I like and making a shit ton of money. The only thing that would have saved this video is a quit cut of Shrek fucking that Damn Eddie Murphy Donkey thing.

“That last clip of the girl beggin’ for ‘Steve’s’ number makes me puke a little in my mouth.”

5. Finger Eleven – ‘Falling On’

“Within the first 10 seconds I have to question whether or not the lead singer has a little bit of downs or is somehow magically entranced by his genius opus of a track. As the video continues, I then realize that the entire band provokes the same question. I did a little research and found that the band does in fact all have downs and now I feel bad I even added this to the list. This is a great track for a band of guys with downs syndrome.”

6. Puddle Of Mudd – ‘Control’

“Man life is tough for that Puddle Of Mudd guy. Gettin’ ditched by girls on the side of the road, having to play to no one in a weird little hick club. He must be so warm and uncomfortable wearing that toque. You know what though – no one is going to control him. His shittiness is self-made. I can’t help but feel that he wants me to hate this. I aspire to be this self-aware.”

“I love the way you smack my ass” – Puddle of Mudd Guy

7. Uncle Kracker – ‘Follow Me’

“I will never follow this dude. Nothing is going to be alright if I go anywhere near this guy. The only way I would go near him would be to make sure he is dead. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.”

8. Train – ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ 

“This song makes me feel like I am wandering around a Zellers, looking through Hilary Duff’s clothing line, casually glancing at the in-store McDonalds wondering, ‘how long would it take me to suffocate if I stuffed a double big mac down my throat.’”

9. Daniel Powter – ‘Bad Day’

“The only time I truly have a bad day is when I am exposed to this song. I used to work for Tim Hortons when I was a teen and this song would play about 36 times during every shift. This was also around the same time I tried to kill myself. Coincidence? You decide.”

10. Greys – ‘No Star’

“These guys are fucking awful… actually they are good friends and a great band. You should listen to the rest of their awful shit. I just wanted an opportunity to put them on a list with Daniel Powter in hopes they actually see this.”

Odonis Odonis’s upcoming album, Post Plague, is out on June 17th via Felte, and available for pre-order here.

Odonis Odonis - Post Plague

Upcoming live dates…

16 – Kliko Festival, Haarlem, NL
17 – Grauzone Summer Festival, The Hague, NL
19 – Kinky Star (Gentse Feesten Festival), Gent, BE
20 – The Waiting Room, London, UK
22 – Supersonic, Paris, FR


Photo: Geoff Fitzgerald