“I’m done doing remixes,” Anders Trentemøller says. Not what you’d expect to hear from a guy who might be as well-known for remixing the music of others as he is for his original output. Artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Raveonettes, Mew, M83, Bruce Springsteen, Robyn, Lower Dens, UNKLE, and Soft Moon, just to name a few, have had their music reimagined by him.

But just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. “A Place to Bury Strangers is one of my all-time favourite bands, so I had to break my rule and say yes when they asked.”

“Anders is always on the cutting edge, ripping apart my preconceived ideas of what he’s capable of,” commented Oliver Ackerman of APTBS. “He’s constantly amazing me with something truly creative. Plus it has just the perfect amount of class.”

Re-Pinned was released on October 5th, and contains remixes of songs from APTBS’s Pinned album. It finds Trentemøller in good company, along with Slowdive, METZ, No Age, TBO, Roly Porter, Davy Drones and Eric Copeland. It’s the first project to come out of his studio since his critically acclaimed Fixion album, which took him and his band around the world for over a year. Internationally touring musician status notwithstanding, Anders is equally comfortable at home in Copenhagen, formulating new ideas. “I really enjoy being in the woods, and I live near the beach, so I try to get outside when I can. I’ll listen to music on long walks, for inspiration. Much of the music that influenced me sounds especially good this time of year as well, so I always get a little excited when the weather starts to turn. I absolutely love Fall.”

Fitting, considering Trentmøller’s music can be dark, cold, mysterious, and uplifting all at once. He shared with us a list of songs that perfectly encapsulate that mood to usher us into the crisp days and cool evenings of his favourite season.

1. The Cure – ‘The Same Deep Water As You’ 

“I have always been a huge fan of The Cure and Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I get inspired by the light, the colours, and the rain. It’s the perfect time to hole up in my studio and dive into my projects! The Cure’s music really fits this vibe so perfectly.”

2. Tropic Of Cancer – ‘Awake’

“Tropic of Cancer were supporting us at some shows in USA during Fixion tour. Their ‘cold’ aesthetic, and dark atmosphere, really is the sound of rainy days, being stuck inside, with candles. Their music sounds the way Fall feels.”

3. Grouper – ‘We’ve All Gone To Sleep’

“Autumn is also the time for thoughtfulness, and Grouper / Liz Harris‘s ghostly voice is the essence of that. I love how the vocals are buried in reverb in a dreamy way. It’s really an instrument in itself, rather than being an upfront vocal. It somehow creates space for your own thoughts.”

4. Jan Johansson – ‘Visa Från Rättvik’

“Jan Johansson’s music has always followed me. Many of the old Scandinavian folk songs have a very melancholic and ‘blue’ feeling to them. I love his jazzy take on old Swedish music, so Jan Johansson on vinyl is a must every autumn and winter!”

5. Nick Drake – ‘River Man’

“I don’t believe a song’s lyrics necessarily have to directly link to Fall to be an ‘Autumn song.’ ‘River Man’ by Nick Drake is such a song. It’s from a fantastic album I never get tired of, Five Leaves Left. It’s so intimate; feeling like Drake is singing and playing his guitar right next right to you. His music touches me every time I put it on.”

6. Neil Young – ‘Harvest Moon’

“This one is obvious, of course. A classic, strong song by a master songwriter.”

7. Trentemøller – ‘November’

“I made this one on a late November night. It was storming outside, the wind was blowing, and the rain was hitting the window. I tried to capture that feeling in this track somehow. The drama, but also the loneliness.”

8. The Cure – ‘All Cats Are Grey’

“I had to pick another by The Cure. They are perfect all year, but especially in the fall and winter. I just love the hypnotic drive of the ghostly drums and the synth chords on this one.”

9. Atlas Sound – ‘It Rained’

“I just love the way this one sounds. It hits me hard, with the melancholic acoustic guitar and Bradford Cox‘s mesmerizing voice. Last year in late October, I was taking a long walk at the beach, with this in my headphones. Walking in the nature, when it’s just me and the music, in the moment, taking a break from everything, is a good way for me to get inspired.”

10. Nico – ‘The Fairest Of The Seasons’

“Nico is just such an icon. I adore the ‘coldness’ of her voice, with its strong German accent. She doesn’t do any real phrasings when she sings, which feels very personal and honest. Her music is the perfect companion during those long dark days and nights of autumn and in the winter.”

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