Get ready to be BONED…

Camden’s hottest girl duo cut their teeth on the LA music scene rather than the same old London circuit… And it paid off. Big time.

While rocking their way around the city’s music haunts last summer, they scored a residency at Hollywood Strip’s infamous Viper Rooms, and the attention of LA’s film and music industry figures.

Orange Is the New Black is arguably one of the biggest shows to come out of America of late, and BONES have landed a track on the new season three trailer. Boom!

Check out their video for ‘Pretty Waste’, which according to the band is, “just a very simple visual to go with the track. That had to be made VERY quickly when we found out the trailer was coming out. Did it all (including the edit) in one whiskey drenched night.”

As for OITNB, the super-sync deal came about, “Through meeting the coolest dude of all dudes, Sherri Solinger, when we were out in LA, and her amazing company Soda Creative.”

Of course the band love the show, and they have a favourite character… “CRAZY EYES”

Who knows what’s next for BONES, they’re pretty spontaneous it seems, “that’s why it’s so exciting.”

Amen to that.

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