Brighton based ‘Electronic House’ duo Sea Bed are not your typical House music peddlers. With a penchant for deep atmospherics, mixing live instruments and bundles of technology, they have created a stunning debut EP entitled Rosso.

Recently unveiled from the Rosso EP was the track ‘Haunted’, and the result was a smile inducing rush of triumphs. ‘Haunted’ starts with a ghost-like male voice over scratchy vinyl; this sets the tone perfectly for Lizzie Massey’s angelic voice to shine. ‘Haunted’ mixes the spectral genius of Burial and slips a soothing dose of Mandalay in for good measure and the final result is breath-taking.

Sea Bed have a great knack of keeping the listener engrossed. Jim Corbin’s arrangements veer well away from anything formulaic. ‘Caves’ is highly danceable but there’s no danger of any form of trance being induced – The track has more than enough elements to keep Dmitri Mendeleev interested.

The XX and Phantogram are duos that spring to mind when thinking of modern music that receives the critical claim that it so richly deserves. Like the aforementioned artists, Sea Bed create highly sophisticated danceable music that contains visceral moments of adrenaline and is also strikingly cerebral. Rosso is the perfect debut release and is sure to be in any decent top list of 2015.


Words: Nick Vivid