English-American musician, Grace Inspace, has just released her debut EP, Lazy Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen Vol. 1, featuring brand new track ‘Go Slow’ via AWAL.

‘Go Slow’ is about living in a fast-paced materialistic world but wanting to do the opposite and slow life down. The track is laid-back like the lyrics, with an uptempo pop melody, funky guitars and teasingly soothing vocals.

“Life is a credit cake, with debt for icing and an interest cherry on top,” says Grace.” We’re all rethinking this. I’m getting used to being proud of going slow, of being lazy, but simultaneously ‘low-impact’. Is being busy and successful, or wanting that recognition, feeling displaced by lack of it, still an appropriate response to this environment? I’m trying to separate those pursuits out. Lazy but with intention. Because the incessant busyness is causing the ramparts to erode.”

The 21-year-old’s debut EP showcases her unique ‘Protest Pop’ sound, with politically-charged relevant lyrics that address current world issues in a startling and refreshing way. Produced in part by John King of the Dust Brothers and featuring Steve Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, as well as Nick McCabe of The Verve, the 4-track EP features recent singles ‘Tame Teens’, ‘Watersource’ and ‘Uncertain, CA’, alongside the single ‘Go Slow.’

“These songs document a journey through the landscape of the cities and rural communities of California and Oregon. They’re comic/apocalyptic in vision. There’s a real division going on over the environment and how to use it in the rural lands; Hippies want purity and the original country people want an economy. As they’re both sizable populations, there’s a maelstrom of political heat that spills out into the plazas of small towns like Ashland, Arcata, Berkeley.”

“Although the songs are about a personal California, the actual landscape, both geologic and politic, was the inspiration. When that journey started, it was easy to see that Trump was coming, for example. I travelled by truck (biodiesel-powered!) through that landscape all the time and I could see it all happening, the rednecks vs the hippies, the fact that they are the same thing, the mixed up children they’ve all had together caught in the middle, sleeping in the bowls at skateparks. Hanging out a skateparks on the road was an eye-opener – lots of ‘missing’ children. It’s a mixed-up chicken soup, this America; fascinating, beautiful and disturbing, in that everything contains its own opposite.”

A lyricist and singer but also a drummer at heart, Grace plays drums and sings in a California trio Apocalyptic Kitchen. Many of Grace’s current songs began life as beats that she would play on her drum kit while singing melody lines dreamt up “on long window gazes, hours of window gazes, riding shotgun up and down the interstates in a big, lifted Dodge truck loaded with cannabis, survival equipment and guitars.”

Her broad sound fuses electronic, country, hard rock and pop to create something that is musically unique and unequivocally memorable, all the while expressing matters close to her heart. Look out for Grace and band Apocalyptic Kitchen live this September.

Lazy Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen Vol. 1 is out now vial AWAL.

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