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Issue 08 | Back Copy


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Eighth edition of FASHION.MUSIC.STYLE magazine, published February 2011; featuring an exclusive cover shoot and interview with Carl Barât, plus a free 10 track album download featuring Tribes, Blood Oranges, Just Handshakes (We’re British), Kurran and The Wolfnotes and Lucy Rose.

(100 pages + 10 track album download)


“Terror. Disbelief. Elation. That’s what Carl Barât felt when he found out he had a baby on the way. And then the longest nine months of his life went by in a flash. They’re feelings most of us have felt during the last decade watching The Libertines traverse from the toilet venues of north London to some of the world’s biggest stages, via the crack dens of East London and with the British tabloid media in tow. Make no mistake, Barât remains an icon to millions and is looking better than ever.” – Andrew Future

Sunday at Three – Photography: Kyriakos + Kolette, Stylist: Rebekah Roy, Hair: Tim Furssedon, Makeup: Daniele Oglive, Models: Joe, Lukas, Kristina
Adjust Your Set – Photographer: Christopher Dadey, Stylist: Rebekah Roy, Hair & Makeup: Fabio Gomes, Models: Ossian, Claudia

Blood Oranges, Boy Cried Wolf, Carl Barât, Cloud Control, Cold War Kids, Funeral Party, Interpol, Just Handshakes (We’re British), Kurran and the Wolfnotes, Lucy Rose, Metronomy, Monarchy, Orphan Boy, The Naked and Famous, The Pierces, Tribes, Underworld

Unisex: Wax Jackets
Girls: Alpine vs. Nautical
Guys: Alpine vs. Nautical
Girls: Minimalism vs. Maximalism

London Fashion Week: Vauxhall Fashion Scout
In the Studio with Metronomy
My Weekend Wardrobe
Postcard from Sydney
Brief Encounter with Our Five Unsigned Success Stories
Diary of the Modern Musician: Adam Ficek
Ask the DJs: Scroobius Pip – Top 10 Tracks I’ve Never Heard In A Club (But Now Get The Chance To Try And Fit In)

News, Album Reviews, Profiles, Launch Parties Coverage

Tribes 1. We Were Children 2. Whenever | Blood Oranges 3. We Killed Them All 4. This Is Not About Kat (Convincing Everyone) | Just Handshakes (We’re British) 5. Tenfoots 6. Falling Over Our Fear Kurran and the Wolfnotes 7. Hit The Bottle 8. Here To Fill You In | Lucy Rose 9. Night Bus 10. First

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Sarah Hardy
Photo Editor Michael Robert Williams Art Editor Elliott Webb
Fashion Editor Rebekah Roy Style Editor Jodie Ball
Sub-Editor Matthew Finnegan
Web Designer Kellie Watton

Contributors Adam Ficek, Alex Dewdney, Andrea Labarge Mills, Andrew Future, Allison Mulimba, Charlotte Armstrong, Christopher Dadey, Clare Lewington, Connie Hart, Danielle Ogilvie, Danny Payne, David Sue, Dom Gourlay, Fabio Gomez, Hamilton, Karolina Kivimaki, Kate Wellham, Kerry Hogan, Kyriakos + Kolette, Laura Nineham, Lawrence Finkle, Liam Stephenson, Linda Furino Fasel, Martyn Sinister, Philip Honour, Rhiannon Edwards, Shirlaine Forrest, Simon Willmore, Tim Furssedonn, Tim Sleath

Special Thanks To 93Feet East, Avalon, Joe @ D1models, Claudia @D1 Models, Kristina @ D1models, Lukas @ D1models, Madame JoJo’s, Ossian @D1 Models, The Bathhouse, The Wheelbarrow, Tooting Tram and Social , Vibe Bar and all of the above!

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