It’s all over,
Didn’t even cry
I just stopped living
When you said goodbye

Hauntingly beautiful, and one of Don Everly‘s finest compositions, ‘It’s All Over’ is a lush portrayal of the disillusion of a romance. A bedsit ballad – this mournful hymn to lost love, set against a funeral tempo, is one of the most evocative breakup songs ever written. Widely overlooked, it never did anything for The Everly Brothers as a single, although Cliff Richard managed to take the song to the UK Top Ten, in the spring of 1967.

Interestingly, this recording features Phil Everly on lead, with Don providing the harmony. On most of their songs it was the other way around.

It’s all over,
Didn’t feel a thing
I just stopped living;
Couldn’t stand the pain


Words: Anders Knudsen