To say there is a lot we take for granted, growing up shrouded in a cosmopolitan western society and privilege, is an understatement, and The Vavengers are on a mission to shed light on one of those things – a female’s control over her own sexuality.

Feminism and gender equality is a buzz-word and social issue that we’ve been hearing a lot of lately, and it’s amazing to see women come together to take a stand against harassment, unequal pay, and marginalisation. However, the mass focus on issues that affect only our immediate society needs to be changed and made intersectional, due to what women face, globally.

FGM is a practice that involves cutting the external female genitals, and is traditionally practiced by non-medically trained women, leading to a plethora of health issues for those that are subject to the cutting. It is estimated that more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone female gender mutilation, and The Vavengers (‘Vagina Avengers’) aim to make this number 0.

Established in 2013, The Vavengers aim to “engage those within our social spheres; using art as a vehicle for change.

“We want to give emerging artists a platform to share their talent whilst also making a positive impact by using the money from ticket sales to help combat FGM.”

For their first event of 2018, The Vavengers are hosting an evening exhibiting artworks based around the female form and experience, entitled The Exhibition. All proceeds of the event will go towards the building of a fistula ward in the SOS Mother & Child Hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia, allowing greater access to procedures needed to fix a fistula.

The event – organised by Leyla Hussein, Hoda M Ali, Mabel Evans and their fellow Vavengers – takes place on Saturday, 5th May 2018 from 6pm-10pm, at Unity Hall, London, N1 2TZ.

Tickets are £13.40 and include one free beer. As for the rest of the evening, the event is BYOB, so, unlike a normal London night out you can bring your own bargain basement drinks without being charged £10 for a can.

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Words: Julia Cohen

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