A Grave With No Name – aka London-based artist, Alexander Shields – has just revealed the first single from his upcoming album, Wooden Mask, set for release on August 12th.

“’Wedding Dress’ is a funereal dance through the barrens of mud and memory,” said Shields, describing the dark, delicate thought-provoking track.

Shields has been recording music under the moniker A Grave With No Name for a number of years, but the new collection of songs promises to encapsulate the longing, desolate feeling of his namesake more than ever before.

He describes masks – both those physical and metaphorical – as a way to both disguise and become closer to our transcendental selves, “Whereas my previous albums have been preoccupied with loss, Wooden Mask is a meditation on renewal, using ritual and ceremony as a means to explore this theme.”

‘Wooden Mask’ is set for release on August 12th via Forged Artifacts. ‘Wedding Dress’ is out now.

Live date…

18 – Servant Jazz Quarters, London