To summarize Alex Gromadzki as a DJ, a decade’s experience divides into a definitive tripartite career.

Having cut his teeth in The Midlands, where he gained a niche following of local house music enthusiasts, Alex moved to Spain to broaden his horizon on the continent. Now London-based, it has been through this series of relocating that Alex has proved his ability to provide and survive as an au fait, music lovers’ DJ, regardless of ethnic and cultural trends.

Inspired by the house DJs he followed in his youth, the Berlin night life circuit and a crowd that favours an ear for music, over an eye for status, you can now find him amidst an array of West-End clubs, crafting an atmosphere that respects numerous genres and justifies his inclusive approach to selecting music.

Alex describes himself as a DJ for the people; he looks forward to making you dance. Not the end.

Check out his top 10 tracks to make you sweat it out on the dance floor, or in the gym…

1. Tim Green – ‘Old Sunshine’

2. El Mundo & Satori – ‘Jazz Tango (Original Mix)’

3. Butch – ‘No Worries’

4. Steve Lawler – ‘House Record’

5. Doorly & Hauswerks – ‘The Illusionist (Original Mix)’

6. Ruben Mandolini – ‘Also! (Volkoder Remix)’

7. LNTG – ‘I Get Deeper (Cassian Rework)’

8. Pele, Shawnecy – ‘Better For My Brain (Original Mix)’

9. Hector Couto – ‘Detroit’

10. Jordan Lieb – ‘Lovework (DJ T. Remix)’

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Alex Gromadski