London-based Stockholm native, BIBC is back to chip into our latest Ask The DJ session. Born In Between Colours (BIBC) recently knocked out ‘Circles’ – produced and engineered by SkinnyPhat Bermz and BIBC – which showcases his knack for storytelling.

The poignant message in the track and music video, celebrating the highs and lows of life, is underpinned by sophisticated instrumentation and effortless harmonic appeal. Having already caught the attention of Radio 1 Extra’s tastemaker, Jamz Supernova, this new project is set to reveal more of this majestic artist who perfectly marries a sublime sense of calm within his gracefully led production.

Check out the Top 10 tracks he’s currently vibin’ to on his iPhone.

1. JAY-Z – ‘Imaginary Players’

“The best thing that happened last year was Hov putting his music back on Spotify.”

2. BIBC – ‘Monkeys (feat. SkinnyPhat Bermz)’

“I could listen to this instrumental on loop for hours… I must have written at least three more verses to this beat.”

3. Souls Of Mischief – ‘93 ‘Til Infinity’

“Probably one of my favourite beats ever made. This bass will fix anything that’s not right in your life.”

4. Rick Ross – ‘Sixteen (feat. Andre 3000)’

“Andre 3000 will forever be in my top 5. I don’t like to categorise music, but gun to my head this is my favorite Rick Ross album.”

5. Kalash – ‘Mwaka Moon (feat. Damso)’

“You don’t have to speak French to vibe with this. Kalash is a beast.”

6. JAY-Z – ‘Dead Presidents II’


7. Greentea Peng – ‘Mr. Sun (miss da sun)’

“The video for this song was the first thing I ever saw/heard from Greentea Peng. I’m definitely a fan.”

8. Free Nationals – ‘Eternal Light’

“Chronixx vocals sounds like the eternal light.”

9. SiR – ‘Fire’

“SiR is super talented. I usually do one thing when I listen to this song…”

10. Bas – ‘Jollof Rice (feat. EarthGang)’

“My lady is Nigerian, so u know why I’m vibin’ to this.”

BIBC’s ‘Circles’ is out now. Watch the video HERE.

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