Alt-folk brothers, Cry Monster Cry – aka brothers Richie and Jamie Martin – are currently on tour, having just released ‘Citadel (Richey McCourt Remix)’, a left-field, pop retelling of their most recent single. 

The Richey McCourt Remix was borne out of Sunday morning coffee and chats that the Sutton natives had with a producer friend, Richey McCourt (whose recent work with electro-pop artist LAOISE has garnered critical acclaim). The brothers’ enthusiasm for the current music landscape and the cross fertilisation of genres – from folk to hip-hop, country to pop, inspired McCourt to spend the next 12 hours working on a remix of their recently released single ‘Citadel’. Unbeknownst to the band. 

“For us, this was just one of those lovely surprises that we didn’t plan for, but are excited to let people hear,” says Richie. “We were raised on acoustic, folk, singer-songwriters– that’s our passion, and our inspiration when we write. That’s what’s in our souls. Our live shows and the new tracks we have recorded retain that heavily- that’s our compass. But experimenting on this remix with someone we trusted and coming from a very organic place, has been a great change and a great experience for us.”

As for their playlist: “Ireland is famous for music, and for a small country, it can be considered that we punch above our weight. And while international listeners will no doubt recognise the timeless folk ballads of the Dubliners or the stadium-filling neo-Celtic guitars of U2, modern Ireland is a treasure trove of genre-spanning creativity, artistry and energy waiting to be discovered by a wider audience. The below tracks signify a range of talent reflective of where the country is at now. Picking just ten was a challenge, but it’s a good start.”

1. Villagers – ‘A Trick Of The Light’

“A multi-layered, superbly realised song from a master craftsman. Villagers never cease to disappoint, but ‘A Trick of the Light’ is the perfect marriage of catchy and poignant.”

2. Inni-K – ‘Edges’

“A choppy electric guitar backed by a steady double bass and drum, with the track topped off by Inni-K’s incredible voice. Her vocals weave around the listened like warm, ethereal fog.”

3. LAOISE – ‘Again (Acoustic)’

“Proof that Ireland can stand up to the big boys (or girls) when it comes to delivering pure pop goodness. This stripped back version is no less infectious than the original.”

4. John Blek – ‘The Blackwater’

“A strong and honest song that may come across as deceivingly simple, showing how John Blek can whisk you away with minimum effort.”

5. Pillow Queens – ‘Gay Girls’

“A killer song and video. Pillow queens are legit.”

6. Hare Squead – ‘If I Ask’

“The future of Irish music is in safe hands. This track is a perfect example of raw emerging talent.”

7. David Keenan – ‘Lawrence Of Arcadia’

“Poetic and ambitious, a track that is wiser than its years and a signifier of what will be a long, steady career for David Keenan.”

8. All Tvvins – ‘Crash’

“This track is consuming and vast, flitting between delicate and epic.”

9. Loah – ‘Cortège’

“A stunning and haunting track sung in the Sierra Leonean tongues Sherbro and Mende.” 

10. The Gloaming – ‘Samhradh Samhradh’

“A contemporary, masterful and nuanced take on Irish music. One of our all-time favourites.”

Cry Monster Cry made their INEC debut, on a double headliner bill with Jack O’Rourke in Killarney on March 9th, following with a series of intimate concerts, which will see the band playing previously unheard material, and fan favourites from their debut long-player Rhythm of Dawn (2015). Full tour dates and tickets HERE.

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Find Cry Monster Cry’s playlist below and HERE.

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