East London hip hop artist, D’Melo, recently dropped his latest track, ‘Winter Summers’. Remaining equally obsessed with urban pop, the fourth release has delved into trap-infused realms; an energetic effort that rumbles with animalistic sounds among a staple piano riff. The track centres around a continuous fight to be the best and represents the graft it takes to be recognised in the music industry.

“My Nigerian roots is meshed with the UK Culture,” says the independent artist, born and raised in Hackney. “From my Dad telling me stories on the Late Great Fela Kuti to stealing my Older Brothers lyrics from his ‘Rap Diaries’ then memorizing it to use for MC Battles in the school playground. I was exposed to so much music through my brother’s CD collection. I started writing songs in the classroom. First track of mine I ever recorded was ‘Vibe’. That song sums up my sound to a degree. I’m learning, enjoying and understanding the process every day.”

As for his latest track: “Nipsey Hussle inspired this song for me. After his unexpected death, I took my dog for a walk reflecting on What does it mean to be legendary?? What does it mean to stand for something and not give your all to nothing… What message do I want to leave behind? Progression, Ownership, Operating on a high frequency was key elements in Nipsey’s teachings that helped me structure this song. R.I.P King Nipsey!! TMC”

1. Fela Kuti – ‘Zombie’

“Thought provoking, stand up for you believing vibes. Fela was the epitome of a real badass for me. This song always reminds me of Dad jumping around the house marching (literally only time my Dad goes crazy dancing is when Fela is on).”

2. Musiq Soulchild – ‘Millionaire’

“This song is my favourite album of all time. Every time I played this song in my college days I couldn’t get pass this song. Played it 1000 times (literally had it on repeat all day).”

3. Mr. Hudson – ‘There Will Be Tears’

’But that’s tricky through a brick wall love!’ – why that line resonates with me I can’t tell you… His pronunciations of words work uniquely well. Highly recommend listening to his album, Straight No Chaser.”

4. J. Cole – ‘Lost Ones’

“This song hit me like a piercing dagger as it spoke volumes to what I was experiencing at the time. Now this song has shared a special part in me as I relate to the subject matter at a point heavily in my life.”

5. Damien Marley & Nas – ‘Patience’

“Deep the lyrics please. This song and album made me understand the serious talented lyricist Damien Marley is. One of my favourite albums of all time. I got my first tattoo from this song. ‘Sabali’ which means patience.”

6. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Real’

“Always brings back good memories when I play this song. This song and album played a big soundtrack to my early 20s. Ah, man the nostalgia listening to it now.”

7. TL Cross – ‘Best Kept Secret’

“This song gets me zoned every damn time. Honestly don’t know anyone that knows this song. So now I’m sharing with you this gem that was a best kept secret. Thank me later.”

8. Lethal Bizzle – ‘Fire’

“Nostalgia anytime I take it back to this. My kinda old school vibes. Takes me back to my secondary school. I had his album on CD.”

9. Take That – ‘Rule The World’

“I remember going to watch Stardust on a date. We sat there till the end credit just to listen to the whole song. One of the best pop ballad songs ever made for me.”

10. Michael Jackson – ‘Butterflies’

“I was introduced to this song when he passed away. Everyone sharing their favourite Michael Jackson song. This song surprised me with the range of his vocals on this track; didn’t know he was capable of hitting high notes so angelically. This song gives me warm chills .”

D’Melo’s latest single ‘Winter Summers’ is out now on all digital platforms.

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