Multi-platinum, international singer-songwriter, Elisa kicks off her European tour this weekend, with the first of her seven dates taking place at Luxor in Cologne, Germany on Saturday, before wrapping up with two UK dates, Tuesday 30 July at Union Chapel in London and Friday 2 August at The Liquid Room for Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The tour follows the release of her five-track Secret Diaries EP, which uses subtle, minimal instrumentation as the backdrop for Elisa’s personal, raw and honest lyrics and warm vocals. There is a thread of exposure and inescapable vulnerability that runs through all the “self-produced, very DIY songs,” while the delicately plucked guitar work on lead single ‘Feeling This Way’ enhances Elisa’s powerful and descriptive storytelling, resulting in a timeless and beguiling acoustic number.

As for her Top 10 for FMS: “This playlist has nothing to do with dance music, but I do dance to those songs almost every morning, in my bathroom and yes… under the shower! Pretending I’m rocking in the band, usually playing big air bass, even bigger air guitar and ridiculous air drumming.

“I love doing it because it gives me a boost and it clears my mind at the same time. I usually have a wider selection of songs I just dance to, but for this special playlist, I decided to pick the essential top 10.”

“I’ve always loved dancing, although I don’t really go wild in public unless I’m with my good friends and I am not too drunk. I can dance like there’s no tomorrow being totally sober, I rarely drink, and if I have a few drinks I get silly, I’m actually famous for it.”

1. Lo-Fang – ‘You’re The One That I Want’

“I think its genius to re-invent the Grease anthem like this! It’s so classy, clever, sexy and modern. They gave this classic a whole new beautiful identity.”

2. Half Moon Run – ‘Full Circle’

Jack Savoretti made me discover this awesome band and it became one of my favourite songs. I love the lyrics, how they arranged it musically, how organic and yet super powerful and grand it sounds. And the singing and backing vocals make me melt!”

3. Charlotte Gainsbourg – ‘Deadly Valentine’

“She is such a badass and she’s killing it on this song. I love how groovy this track gets, the bass line is just so good and funky, while the drumming is so steady I can’t stop dancing to it! French coolness at its best.”

4. Labrinth – ‘Let It Be’

“His voice is so warm and soulful, I almost don’t need anything else, except the music is beyond great and it sounds like one of those masterpieces from a ‘70s great funk big band produced by some kind of God.”

5. Anohni – ‘Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth’

“This production literally blows my mind, it has such a magical flow and the transitions are almost mystical, the lyrics are so proud and solemn. It’s a very ‘spiritual’ and deep track.”

6. Frank Ocean – ‘Biking (Solo)’

“I love the vibe of this track and its bittersweet feel. The warmth in the strumming of the acoustic guitar and that super dry sidestick on 2 and 4 that I could listen to for half an hour on repeat. It’s one of those tracks that set the perfect mood at sunset and makes you just want to feel the breeze on your face.”

7. Ed Sheeran & Rudimental – ‘Bloodstream’

“This one is a big energy booster. I love the dynamic, almost stripped down at some point and then exploding in the finale. I love how driven it makes me when I’m working out or dancing in my room. And last, but not least, the great imagery of the lyrics makes me perceive it almost as if it was a movie.”

8. Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’

“This is a poem born from another poem… a relay from genius to genius. An absolute masterpiece and evergreen treasure. I would say it’s bigger than a song. It’s a higher form of art.”

9. Kendrick Lamar & SZA – ‘All The Stars’

“I know you all know this song and heard it everywhere. But I’ve been too obsessed with it to not include it on this top 10 list. The song is just fantastic, from the lyrics, the concept and the genius of Kendrick Lamar… but it’s the production on the track that really makes it a hit. To me this is addictive music! Fresh.”

10. Mark Ronson – ‘Stop Me’

“I could have included ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ or ‘Back To Black’ or many others, but this song in particular fascinates me too much. Why? Because when I first listened to it, at the time when it was released in 2007, it sounded super cool, catchy, groovy and yes, quite original too. With time, following Mark Ronson – hit after hit – I could connect all the dots and figure out the total genius in him, and still recognize his unique style that was already all there from day one, all on that track. Gotta turn it up louder and louder!”

Elisa’s Secret Diaries EP is out now via Island Records. Listen to it HERE and buy tour date tickets HERE.

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