This December, The Haçienda returns to Sankeys for Fac 51’s yearly Mancunian Christmas homecoming do, where Haç legend and garage pioneer, Graeme Park will headline proceedings, joined by his sparring partner in house, Allister Whitehead, who was a resident at The Hacienda in the early 90’s.

Peter Hook, bass-player, author and DJ will also be bringing his personal selection of modern dance, remixes and exclusive bootlegs to the event while breakthrough Manchester dance act, K Klass round off the bill as DJs, along with John McCready and Herbie Saccani.

“Hacienda nights at Sankeys are always special and are probably as close as you’ll get to actually being at The Hac,” tells Graeme. “Firstly because it’s in Manchester and secondly because loads of people who used to go to The Hac are there too. The atmosphere is always incredible as the seasoned regulars squeeze onto the dancefloor alongside those who wish they could have visited the original superclub.

“I get to spin a real variety of tunes from my eight years at the club, along with a few surprises and hidden gems too. I missed the Easter special, so I’m beside myself with excitement at the thought of this. After all, The Hacienda was the greatest club there ever was and this is the best way to get a taste of what it was like, or to refresh your memory for the older crowd. And it’s Christmas too! Lord help us all…”

Here’s 10 classic Haçienda tunes that Greame will be digging out for the Christmas party…

1. Farley “Jackmaster” Funk – The Acid Life (Original Mix)

2. Joe Smooth & Anthony Thomas – Goin’ Down (Dub Mix)

3. Neal Howard – Indulge

4. Peter Black – How Far I Go (Dub Mix)*

5. O.N.I.T. (“Oh No It’s Them”) – We’re Out Of Control (House Mix)

6. Denise Motto – IMNXTC

7. House Master Baldwin feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (Medusa House Mix)

8. Back-Room – The Definition Of A Track (The Back Room Mix)

9. Fallout – The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)

10. J.U. ICE – It’s Just A Groove (As Soon As The Beat’s Felt)*

*That’s just the closest we could get…

Check out Graeme’s website for more DJ dates, and his weekly syndicated radio show.

FAC 51 The Haçienda Annual Christmas Party @ Sankeys
Wednesday 28th December / 10pm to 5am
Sankeys, Radium St Manchester, M4 6JG
Tickets £10 Earlybird / £12 Advance
Line Up – Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Peter Hook,
K Klass, John McCready, Herbie Saccani / www.fac51theHaç

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