London-born, Los Angeles-raised, Henri has made her mark on both sides of the Atlantic as a DJ/producer, releasing tracks on Anjuna & Armada Deep and spinning at some of the hottest parties and clubs around the world. Having been ensconced in the studio recording new material for 2019, she recently announced details of two quality remixes by New York-based duo Sofi Tukker and London’s deep house talent Kincaid for her latest track ‘Last Dance’ featuring Imogen Rose.

“Sofi Tukker and I have been talking about collaborating for a while now, since meeting at a New York club where I was DJing a few years ago,” says Henri. “Tukker even came into the studio with me to work on one of the previous incarnations of ‘Last Dance’. Though the music we release is very different, we share a love of club culture and it’s been great to hear how their minimal, almost gothic interpretation has ended up having its own identity. Their staccato melody, driving drums and rolling bassline adds an ethereal feel to the vocals that takes the track to a completely different place.

“Kincaid did a remix for one of my previous tracks a few years ago and I’ve been following his career ever since. His take on ‘Last Dance’ is charmingly experimental and intricately produced which is what he’s always so good at. His downtempo take on the track is scattered with vocal snippets and delays, eerie pads and loud, almost out of tune computer game synth bleeps.” On that note, check out Henri’s Top 10 tracks to transport you to another realm.

1. Pachanga Boys – ‘Time’

“Puts me into a blissful state of trance every time. Better than meditation.”

2. Ennio Morricone – ‘C’era una Volta il West’

“The song I walked down the aisle to – or actually rode on a camel down the aisle to. As if that wasn’t already dramatic enough.”

3. Stephan Bodzin – ‘Birth (Synthapella)’

“Bodzin is God. His synth craft is magic. Watch his Boiler Room set. It’s my favourite one, especially the fan comment below: ‘I think half of his equipment is controlled by his facial expressions.’ He’s so animated it wouldn’t surprise me.”

4. Nils Frahm – ‘Says (Kolsch Remix)’

“I can’t find a standalone version of this so using a link to Nils Frahm’s live version which is unsurpassable anyway. He’s a modern day classical piano genius, highly recommend listening to all of his music and melting away.”

5. Max Cooper – ‘Harmonisch Serie’

“All about the chord changes and exquisite production.”

6. Solomon Grey – ‘Twilight (John Monkman Remix)’

“This is when I first heard Imogen Rose’s vocals and was compelled to track her down to sing on ‘Last Dance’. This remix is bursting with all sorts of emotions, dark and oppressively haunting, magically ethereal; just breath-taking.”

7. Popol Vuh – ‘Lacrime Di Re (from Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes)’

“From Werner Herzog‘s movie Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Werner Herzog said he wanted a choir that would sound out of this world and so the band created a ‘choir organ,’ a hand-built instrument that plays tape loops of choir recordings, similar to a mellotron, which is what makes it sound so artificial and weirdly disorienting. You hear this celestial wall of sound in the opening scene of the movie as the 17th Century conquistadors trek down a steep slope in search of El Dorado, the City of Gold. It inspired me to sample my voice and make my own H-Tron which I still use sometimes for ethereal choir fix.”

8. Pink Floyd – ‘Atom Heart Mother’

“Eight or nine minutes into this track the choir and grandiose instrumentation takes you to another realm, where many of the ‘60s casualties may still remain. A true masterpiece.”

9. Portishead – ‘The Rip’

Beth Gibbons‘ voice delayed forever over the guitar arp half way sends shivers down my spine… This version with Thom Yorke doing a live duet with her is stunning.”

10. Maceo Plex – ‘Remake’s Blade Runner Remix’

“Blade Runner, Vangelis and Maceo Plex. What more could you ask for.”

Henri’s ‘Last Dance (Kincaid Remix)’ is out now via Monstertooth Records. Listen HERE.

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