Munich-based indie poppers, Michael Spieler, Timothy Lush, Kerim Öke and Thomas Sedlacek – aka KYTES – have just released the visuals for their playful and irreverent single, ‘Runaway’. Peppered with ‘80s nostalgia and infectious melodies, Spieler sings about running away from everything and setting his world on fire.

“’Runaway’ is the opening cut of our new record good luck. It’s a very special song for us and we feel we’ve captured our live energy on record. In our generation chances can be so plentiful, some of us are overwhelmed and think of running away. We’re not afraid while running away, instead, fascinated about our chance for a new start in the unknown.”

As for their playlist: “We’re going to be touring Europe in March with shows in London, Vienna, Berlin and Zurich,” says Lush. “To get fit for the tour, I love to go for a run 3-4 times a week. The best thing about running is not only the exercise but that it clears my head and helps me to focus. Hope you enjoy the tracks! Take them with you on your next run.”

1. Moderat – ‘Bad Kingdom’

“Your run should definitely start with a banger to get you motivated; this is mine.”

2. Lizzo – ‘Juice’

“I recently discovered this track while preparing for a DJ set. Love the groove, gets me hyped every time.”

3. Tame Impala – ‘Lost In Yesterday’

“Love the new Tame Impala single. Nice half time shuffle feel in the bridge. Kevin Parker is such a massive inspiration.”

4. Theophilus London – ‘Cuba’

“Great new tune from Theo. With a little help from Kevin Parker (Tame Impala). Love the summery feeling.”

5. KYTES – ‘Alright (RAC Mix)’

“When we started KYTES in 2015, RAC was one of our main influences. He still is. To release a collaboration with the Grammy award-winning artist on our label in 2019 was a dream coming true.”

6. Hubbabubbaklubb – ‘Mopedbart’

“Our singer, Michael introduced me into the music of this groovy Norwegian band. This may be your track to slow down a bit. Save your energy for the last quarter.”

7. Mashrou’ Leila – ‘Cavalry’

“Another banger! Please also watch the music video. It’s not easy to take but so important to watch.”

8. Metronomy – ‘Lying Low’

“Metronomy is one of my all-time favourite bands. Love this new electronic jam tune. Highlight of their new show!”

9. Glass Animals – ‘Tokyo Drifting (w/ Denzel Curry)’

“I love collaborations between artists who are not in the same genre. This track is one of my favourites right now.”

10. FOALS – ‘The Runner’

“We have to end this playlist with FOALS. They are so massive live. And here’s a running song.”

good luck is out now. Watch the video for ‘Runaway’ HERE.

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