Canadian songwriter and artist, Laurent Bourque has pre-empted his debut London show at The Old Queens Head in Islington on 25 September with a brand new visual for ‘Thinking Of You’… and a playlist for FMS.

“’Thinking Of You’ is a song for anyone who has ever spent too much time daydreaming about someone that was important in their life in some way,” shares Laurent. “It’s about those little vignettes and moments in time we reminisce about when we’re busy doing something else. It’s about the instinct to maybe reach to that person we’re thinking about and want to ask them how they are or what they are up to, yet we always hold back due to being scared of seeming vulnerable.”

Laurent Bourque is set to release his sophomore full length record, Blue Hour on 31 January, 2020, which comes after an intensive two-year writing period during which he wrote over 150 songs. The result is a journey through orchestral bliss, synthesizer dreams mixed with classic pop songwriting. In the meantime, check out the Top 10 cover songs that Bourque listens to more than the originals.

1. Lana Del Rey – ‘Hotel Chelsea No 2’ (Originally by Leonard Cohen)

“I love Lana Del Rey a lot. And this cover is almost perfect to me. It’s so minimal and simple and works perfectly. There’s almost nothing happening other than her voice. Trying to make this amazing LC song any other way would be foolish. A bigger production would only bury the feelings the lyrics evoke.”

2. Rufus Wainwright – ‘Across The Universe’ (Originally by The Beatles)

“This version is so crisp and uplifting. I put this on in the dead of winter, in the kitchen while I’m cooking, when I need a pick-me-up. Rufus’ voice sounds amazing singing these words. Also, note Dakota Fanning in the video too!”

3. Fiona Apple – ‘Across The Universe’ (Originally by The Beatles)

“Ok… the same song again, but I couldn’t not mention this one. This mellow ‘90s version of the Beatle classic I always find so soothing. Her voice is like a gritty butter dripping out of your speakers. Impactful yet soft. The snare sample is so ‘90s too; I love it. It’s the only non-organic instrument happening and seems like such an odd production choice now.”

4. Rufus Wainwright – ‘One Man Guy’ (Originally by Loudon Wainwright III)

“Imagine covering a song written by your dad… who you also hate? (Or at least have a complicated relationship with.) I think Loudon and Rufus have made up now but regardless… this version is beautiful. An early highlight of Rufus’. I think that’s his sister Martha singing backups too.”

5. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Only You Know’ (Originally by Dion DiMucci)

“It’s obvious to me that Alex Turner wishes he’d written this song. It’s in the way he sings it. He and Dion are musical soulmates, I think.”

6. Chromatics – ‘I’m On Fire’ (Originally by Bruce Springsteen)

“I like covers that experiment with sounds, voices, production idea but that also capture the original spirit of the original. I think each song has a singular spirit. Now that doesn’t mean it can’t be interpreted in different ways, but that some link has been made in how it makes you feel. This cover does that perfectly.”

7. BADBADNOTGOOD – ‘Flashing Lights’ (Originally by Kanye West)

“I love the Kanye original. It’s one of my favourites of his. The beat is absolutely epic and moving. I’m not sure who wrote the main theme/melody, but it is gorgeous. It sores across the song and immediately hits you in the chest. This BADBADNOTGOOD cover utilizes that melody perfectly well and takes you on a crazy sonic journey. Strap in.”

8. The Last Shadow Puppets – ‘Les Cactus’ (Originally Jacques Dutronc)

“I have to give it up to any artist trying to sing in a different language. Love this ya-ya period French classic by Jacques Dutronc, and I love this version.”

9. Lucius – ‘Right Down The Line’ (Originally by Gerry Rafferty)

“Again… I think this one captures the original feeling of the lyrics. It’s cool, sexy and straight forward. Also, the harmonies in this version are truly undeniable.”

10. The Darkness – ‘Street Spirit’ (Originally by Radiohead)

“Ok… I went for a fun one as my number 10. If it was 1984 and hair metal was still a thing… this would have been a huge hit. Thank god it’s not. Thank god it wasn’t. And thank god for Radiohead.”

Catch Laurent live at the Old Queens Head, Islington on 25 September. Tickets HERE.

Blue Hour is out on 31 January, 2020. Watch the video for ‘Thinking Of You’ HERE.

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Find Laurent Bourque’s playlist below and HERE.

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