Today sees the release of Made To Break, the latest EP by London electronic-pop artist, Lial, whose alluring, emotive vocal delivery touches on Lana Del Rey’s dichotomy of presenting as both the seductive hunter and the heart-torn hunted, mirroring perfectly her lyrical exploration of human psychology, love and desire.

Made To Break follows on from her last single from the EP, ‘Ophelia’ – a song about imbalances within a relationship, and more widely an exploration of the universal human condition of wanting what you cannot have. As Lial explains: “The other person doesn’t care as much and isn’t as into you, but it makes you want them more. We can be our own worst enemies in those situations…”

As for her playlist: “Some of these tracks are more upbeat than my own music, but I’ve included a few of my major influences in these 10 tracks – these are all feel-good songs to shift you into a good headspace in this weird period of time.”

1. Haim – ‘Now I’m In It’

“I cannot get enough of this song right now and playing it in the morning sets your whole day up.”

2. MØ – ‘Final Song’

“Someone once told me I sounded like MØ, which I’m not sure about, but either way, you can’t feel rubbish with this song on.”

3. Anna of the North – ‘Lovers’

“I saw her live in London a couple of years ago and this track was standout.”

4. Lana del Rey – ‘Summertime Sadness’

“What’s not to like? The main inspiration behind my music, I adore Lana and this song is about as upbeat as she gets.”

5. BANKS – ‘Underdog’

“Queen of badassery and another big influence for me musically. Banks has what sounds like a dog barking in this, and now finding songs with dogs in them has become a bit of an obsession for me.”

6. Francis and the Lights – ‘Friends (feat. Bon Iver)’

“A friend of mine introduced me to this track, it’s chill but has a kind of community spirit.”

7. CASISDEAD – ‘Pat Earrings’

“I love running to this song, even when you are not in mood it puts you there.”

8. Billie Eilish – ‘My Boy’

“Before she became quite the massive star she is now, this song is vibey as hell.”

9. NoMBe – ‘Bad Girls’

“Yes, another song with a dog barking. This makes you feel great.”

10. Santigold – ‘Disparate Youth’

“Put this on right now. We’re all gonna swagger out of Lockdown.”

Lial’s Made To Break EP is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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