Miguel Dare has been setting international dancefloors ablaze with his distinct mix of cutting edge and classic tunes. Known for his flamboyant style and effervescent personality, his roots as a model have made him a firm favourite amongst the fashion elite, front-row at the shows and behind the decks at the hottest and most exclusive after parties.

Don’t worry if you’re not on the list, Miguel also plays DJ host to his own club nights – Get Lit at The Curtain and The Velvet Room at Clerkenwell Grind – plus he’s a burgeoning radio personality with shows on Hoxton FM and Radar Radio, with more air wave takeovers yet to come.

The Neptunes are an American production duo, composed of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, who are credited with contributing the sound for many successful hip hop and R&B artists in the late ’90s and early ’00s,” says Miguel of his playlist for FMS. “The Neptunes’ sound is a distinctive brand of off-kilter, stripped-down electronic funk with sounds from Middle Eastern and Asian music including percussion and woodwind.

“They have influenced me as a DJ and inspired so much over the years! I love playing their productions in my DJ sets and also listen to them on my headphones or when I get ready for my DJ gigs! They will always be my favourite!”

1. Jay-Z – ‘I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) feat. Pharrell’

“The base line in this track fits so perfectly with the chorus nailed by Pharrell’s soft voice. It projects so well the very early Neptunes’ sound. It has that cool funky beat – I think that is what I love the most about this tune. Oh and it’s Jay-Z’s first number 1 on the Billboard chart and that’s what makes it so iconic and timeless!”

2. Justin Timberlake – ‘Like I Love You feat. Clipse’ 

“‘Like I Love You’ is Justin’s first solo single filled with sexy flamenco guitars, crisp drums, heavy beats and of course topped up with Justin’s soft falsetto! I never get bored of DJing this tune and by now I surely know Clipse’s rap verse by heart!”

3. No Doubt – ‘Hella Good’

Rock Steady was an absolute breakthrough in No Doubt’s career, presenting us their brand new, fresh sound. ‘Hella Good’ is filled with these hot heavy beats, crisp drums and ’80s disco samples, also very ‘N.E.R.D-ish’, that’s what I love about that track the most!”

4. Kelis – ‘Good Stuff feat. Clipse’

‘Good Stuff’ is taken from Kelis’s debut album produced entirely by The Neptunes. It brings that feel good, sentimental sound of late ’90s R&B, combined with smooth synths and Clipse’s iconic rap verse! I also love the colourful video directed by David La Chapelle!”

5. P. Diddy – ‘D.I.D.D.Y feat. Pharrell’

“Totally love the sleek, clean beat mixed with catchy chorus. Track comes from Puffy’s 2001 hit album The Saga Continues. It’s super minimalist and fun to mix in the clubs.”

6. Pharrell – ‘Frontin feat. Jay-Z’ 

“This track is taken from The Neptunes Present… Clones compilation. It introduces Pharrell going solo for the first time after years of producing and featuring on other artists tracks. Pharrell’s thin falsetto is topped up with smooth beats, feel good summer vibes and Jigga’s rap bridge!”

7. Britney Spears – ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’

“Britney is so iconic for my generation! I remember when ‘Slave For You’ first came out and the havoc it caused. I love the fat beat, the drums programming is on point and Britney’s voice sounds almost like she’s whispering! Super sexy and timeless track that I never get bored of!”

8. Snoop Dogg – ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot feat. Pharrell Williams’

Snoop’s ‘Drop It Like Its Hot’ gives us super minimalist smooth fresh sound, combined with crisp beats and light drums. Pharrell featuring fits perfectly with Snoop’s calm rap. Love the smokey black and white minimalist video too!”

9. Usher – ‘U Don’t Have To Call’

8701 by Usher, is such an iconic late ’90s R&B album! I remember, I used to love getting ready to go out while listening to this track and funny enough I still do that nowadays! Its a very feel good track and Ushers soft falsetto works perfectly with Neptunes’ smooth synth hooks!”

10. Ray J – ‘Wait A Minute feat. Lil’ Kim’

“‘Wait A Minute’ was a massive hit in the US in the late ’90s although not so big here in Europe! I think it’s very underestimated. It’s got that squeaky base line combined with fat chunky beats and strong Lil Kim’s rap verses which makes it a perfect Saturday night club tune to play!”

Miguel’s new monthly event, The Velvet Room, takes place on November 3rd at Clerkenwell Grind. You can also catch him at his next monthly club night, Get Lit, on November 11th at The Curtain’s LP Club.

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