Upbeat Boston-based rock band, Mom Rock, have been making waves since the early stages of 2018, when all members bonded over a mutual love of Weezer, just a year prior to their first release. 

Since then the band has created a sound inspired by the likes of Cage The Elephant, Talking Heads, and Catfish and The Bottlemen; recently returning with an infusion of passionate lyricism and clean-cut guitar licks on new track ‘I Am The Same’.

“You’re four White Claws deep at your ten-year high school reunion,” says the band, of this latest addition to their discography. ‘I Am The Same’ is all about the way our lives can be different. Flipping the switch from chilled acoustic to alt rock, the frustration of feeling powerless is met with soaring guitar solos alongside killer percussion.

After investing in the local arts scene, they have been smashing their way through the DIY music scene in Boston. Performing at local venues such as The Great Scott and The Red Room where they have shared stages with the likes of Sports Team, Weakened Friends and Lady Pills

Their electric performances from basement and house shows created a following so passionate that it encouraged the quartet to keep pursuing their first love, music. On that note, check out their Top 10 tracks to impress your friends with from the Boston DIY scene.

1. Lip Service – ‘I Got You’

“From sultry vocals to hypnotic riffs, this band cannot be followed on any bill. This song especially, embodies what they’re about. Plus, we share a hot drummer.”

2. Sweet Petunia – ‘Big City Blues’

“I don’t think there’s a time that we’ve seen Sweet Petunia and been able to hold back tears. They’re easily among the best songwriters we know.”

3. Winkler – ‘Twin Snakes’

“If California beaches at sunset were a song, it would be called ‘Twin Snakes’ by Winkler.”

4. champ. – ‘Fight Like A Girl’

“Firemen warn against playing this song at house shows as it has been known to burn down the house.”

5. Butch Baby – ‘Blood’

“A personal favourite local group to see in a sweaty basement.”

6. Amandla – ‘Cops & Robbers’

“With one of the most kickin’ backing bands this side of the Charles, Amandla’s RnB tunes are a most welcome refresher in the Boston scene. She’s known to throw a Beyoncé cover into the mix during a set, but her own originals are the real stars of the show.”

7. Jane Q. Public – ‘Fourth Of July’

“Can’t decide if you want to think about some introspective lyrics or go brain dead listening to beautiful soundscapes? Jane’s got you covered with this one.”

8. Raavi & the Houseplants – ‘Shoulder’

“If you love yourself, you should listen to the house plants. ‘Shoulder’ is a good place to start.”

9. RVRCT – ‘Quicksand’

“A smooth journey through a feel-good escapade. Good friends with good tunes.”

10. The Q-Tip Bandits – ‘Willow’

“I’d let these guys steal my Q-tips any day. ‘Willow’ is a bit of a heart wrencher, but also a great song to sing along to at a show. Plus, who doesn’t love a good horn part?”

Mom Rock’s new single ‘I Am The Same’ is out now. Listen to it HERE.

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Find Mom Rock’s playlist below and HERE.

Photo: Logan Wilder

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