This week, Barcelona’s delightfully brash wunderkinds, Mourn, have created a playlist of their favourite songs in their mother tongue.

“We decided to make a playlist of songs in Catalan because it’s our language and we think it’s beautiful,” said Jazz, singer and guitarist. “We picked up songs of different bands with different sounds so we hope you enjoy it.”

1. Joan Colomo – ‘Hort Mort’

“Hort Mort” means “Dead Orchard”. This song is beautiful and when we thought about Catalan songs this was the first that came to our minds.”

2. El Petit de cal Eril – ‘Cendres’

“‘Cendres’ means ‘Ashes’. This song is one of our favourite songs, off our favourite record by El Petit de Cal Eril.”

3. Anímic – ‘El Crani i la Serp’

“’El Crani i la Serp’ (The Skull And The Snake). We enjoy a lot this band, Anímic when they play live. They played in our town, Cabrils, and we loved that show.”

4. L’Hereu Escampa – ‘Mà Freda’

“‘Mà Freda’ means Cold Hand. We like this song because it has funny lyrics, they say “Què busques en els meus calçotets?” (“What are you looking for inside my underpants?”) They end up saying you’ll find nothing.”

5. Eric Fuentes & El Mal – ‘El Pobre Esmolet’

“This song is a great example of how rock sounds in Catalan.”

6. Mourn – ‘Salvador’

“This is the only song we have in Catalan so we decided to put it in the playlist.”

7. Convergència i Unió – ‘Taxidèrmia’

“We love this song. All the lyrics of the songs of this band, Convergència i Unió, are poems by different people. ‘Taxidèrmia’ which means Taxidermy, is a poem by Núria Martínez Vernis.”

8. Anchord – ‘La Clau’

“This band are good friends of us, this is their only song in Catalan I think. ‘La Clau’ means The Key.”

9. La Bossa d’Urina – ‘Enfados’

“La Bossa d’Urina are an awesome and hilarious band from Granollers. Their lyrics are so funny, unfortunately I think they just split up.”

10. Convergència i Unió – ‘Nusos’

“This song called ‘Nusos’ (Knots) is such a great song, again by Convergència i Unió. I think their whole album is brilliant. If you have time, check it out!”

Mourn are Jazz Rodríguez Bueno (vocals/guitar), Carla Pérez Vas (vocals/guitar), Antonio Postius (drummer) and Leia Rodríguez (bass).

Their sophomore album, Ha, Ha, He., is out now via Captured Tracks.


Photo: Alba Yruela