Nina Schofield took a trip back to her singer-songwriter roots when she released her latest single, ‘The Gift’. Soaring and emotive melodies mixed with a beautiful piano accompaniment landed her a gig performing the song on BBC Drama MotherFatherSon, starring Richard Gere, Helen McCrory and Billy Howle.

“I wrote ‘The Gift’ to celebrate that feeling you have in a relationship where you know that this person is someone you could spend the rest of your life with,” says Schofield. “I went back to my roots writing this – just the piano and my voice – this is how I first started writing and it’s where I feel at home. That’s why it was important to keep the song in acoustic form even though it’s a step away from my usual pop style.”

“The director of MotherFatherSon contacted my manager, initially wanting my band and I to appear on the show performing covers, but he happened to ask whether we wrote music as he was searching for a song for a wedding scene – it just so happened that I write so I got to work straight away sent it over and he loved it. Before we filmed my parts I was able to watch some scenes unfold from behind the camera involving my song which was amazing – hearing my own music being played whilst these incredible talented and respected actors did their thing was a real pinch me moment.”

Check out Nina Schofield’s top 10 songs for driving with the windows down.

1. Mr. Mister – ‘Broken Wings’

“This is such a classic ‘80s anthem – It kick-started my love of really epic, anthemic pop music and has totally influenced how I write my own songs. There’s something so timeless about it and it’s one of those amazing tracks that no matter how many times you play it, you never get sick of it.”

2. Above & Beyond – ‘Sahara Love (Original Mix)’

“I was introduced to Trance music properly a few years back when I started working with some trance producers and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. There’s this euphoria that comes from an Above & Beyond song, particularly this one and I just love how it opens up in the chorus.”

3. The 1975 – ‘Somebody Else’

“For me this is The 1975’s best ever song – even though it’s slightly slower I still love playing this when I’m driving because it takes me somewhere and the production is so special. I also love the story telling and how it grooves with a kind of re-imagined ‘80s vibe.”

4. The Beach Boys – ‘I Get Around’

“I first heard this song when I was five or six, watching the movie Flight of The Navigator. I would repeatedly watch the movie to hear the song because I didn’t know how else to listen to it. Years later I realized it was The Beach Boys and I couldn’t believe I’d now be able to listen to it whenever I wanted to! The harmonies are amazing.”

5. Marina & The Diamonds – ‘Weeds’

“This is my stand-out track from Marina’s album, FROOT. There’s something haunting about the beginning melody and the lyrics are so meaningful. If I’m in a weird mood or feeling let down I can put that song on and let out so much emotion. To be honest that whole album is so good!”

6. Ellie Goulding – ‘On My Mind’

“I’m a massive pop music fan but Ellie Goulding hooked me from her more singer-songwritery beginning so I was a bit unsure If I’d enjoy her transformation into pure pop… but when I heard ‘On My Mind’ I was blown away. It’s hooky, full of energy and really unique, whilst still being Ellie. There’s something about her voice that lends itself to pop production and the momentum in this song makes it perfect for sunny days driving with the windows down.”

7. Charlie Puth – ‘Boy’

“The chorus of this song just gets me every time. The raised melody in the chorus is perfection. I also love the ‘80s vibe to this (maybe I should have done my favourite ‘80s influenced songs!) Charlie’s voice can reach amazing heights but his vocal in the verse is also so on point. The synth sounds are great, and I love having a good sing-a-long to this song.”

8. Sigrid – ‘Never Mine’

“Sigrid is a new favourite artist of mine. Every song she has released has grabbed me, so I was really excited for her album. ‘Never Mine’ stood out to me straight away because of its vibe. There’s a pulsating momentum and her vocal is like no other. The chorus hits me in the gut – it’s so punchy and powerful!”

9.  Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’

“Robyn is a big influence of mine – I used to spend hours listening to her songs on repeat with my best friend. This one is a favourite because the lyrics are so relatable, and she manages to tap into my emotions whilst still keeping it super pop. I love the lyric ‘there’s a big black sky over my town’.”

10. Carrie Underwood – ‘Backsliding’

“I only started listening to Carrie Underwood last year but now I’m hooked! This song is packed full of emotion and is another great one to sing along to when I just need to let it all out. I like listening to this one when I’m driving back from gigs late at night.”

‘The Gift’ is out now. Watch the video HERE.

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