Sailing Stones released their slow and cinematic debut album, Polymnia, just last month. Ranging from glossy pop to more experimental production, the artist aka Jenny Lindfors skillfully brings her ’70s songwriting influences into new ambitious territories. Produced by TJ Allen, the tracks unfold with dramatic, gradual pacing as she explores the theme of consolation in darkness. Throughout the album, each song has its own character and mood while essentially remaining parts of the same whole

“Polymnia was the Greek muse of music. I learned this when staying on Polymnia Street in New Orleans. I’d been living in London and feeling very flat and uninspired. I went to New Orleans on a musical pilgrimage for a blast of inspiration! It’s the most wonderful, relaxed place and the polar opposite of London. It was great to leave the pace and rat-race of London behind and just stop and be for a while. I never wanted to leave.”

Here she confesses her guiltiest musical pleasures, reserved only for her headphones… until now.

1. Julian Lennon – ‘Saltwater’

“I think the world would be a much better place if Weyes Blood covered this song, and then Extinction Rebellion made it their official anthem.”

2. Donna Summer – ‘State Of Independence’

“Donna Summer covering Vangelis, produced by Quincy Jones and featuring an all-star choir including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder but most importantly, Kenny Loggins. I could speak in tongues just thinking about it.”

3. The Bangles – ‘Something To Believe In’

“I’d bet my life on the fact that this song was on heavy rotation in Danielle Haim’s Walkman as a kid.”

4. Don Henley – ‘Boys Of Summer’

“Those sunglasses he’s referring to in the lyrics are almost certainly Ray-Ban Wayfarers and this is almost certainly one of the best songs of the ‘80s. I dare you to disagree.”

5. AC/DC – ‘Thunderstruck’

“My friend Stew refers to AC/DC as The Truth, and was once anointed with the sweat of Angus Young. I believe him.”

6. Crosby, Stills & Nash – ‘Southern Cross’

“Crosby, Stills and Nash making sweaty fists in the early 80s. So wrong, so right. If it’s possible for a chorus to be on cocaine, then the chorus in this song is off its tits.”

7. Michael McDonald – ‘Sweet Freedom’

“Michael McDonald has the kindest eyes in popular music, and I’m glad to see him making a comeback with the cool kids. I’d like everyone on this list to follow suit.”

8. Traveling Wilburys – ‘Handle With Care’

“Nearly all of these Wilburys are in heaven now and the fun they are having on this record is not only palpable but infectious.”

9. ABBA – ‘The Visitors’

“ABBA clearly stopped giving a shit on their last record by getting themselves banned in the USSR, recording this protest song against the Soviet Union, complete with rip-roaring brass synths and bleak lyrics.”

10. Roxette – ‘The Look’

“Tasty like a raindrop. You can’t talk about Scandi pop without including Roxette. Marie Fredriksson was a badass and Per Gessle a pop genius.”

Sailing Stones’ debut album, Polymnia is out now via Keep Her Lit Records. Listen to it HERE.

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