Hamburg-based alternative/electronic DJs, producers and musicians, Shari Vari are set to release their debut album via cult label Malka Tuti this Friday. NOW draws on a myriad of influences – from performance art, techno, house, pop and punk, they have crafted a complex, genre bending long player determined to surprise and entertain.

“Time is ticking and the questions we have regarding time and action is the connecting element of the songs and tracks on the album,” say the duo. The material was recorded between 2016 and 2019, at various locations including Hamburg, small farmhouses on the outskirts of town, Madrid and Las Palmas. While working on NOW, older tracks were reworked and brought back to life. The influences differ from techno to pop to electronic punk – referring to Suicide, Blondie and Lou Reed.

“There is mostly a dark connotation in music and lyrics, but not without a joyful outlook, fun twists and a breeze of irony. The lyrics oscillate between film-like atmospheres, comic and dark storytelling, involving fictional characters. NOW connects the individual with the social persona, while the tracks take you on a trip from the boiler room next to our studio to a chilly Sunday in the park. It’s more a stream of consciousness than a conceptual decision we made.” In the meantime, check out their Top 10 tracks about dreams.

1. The Klinik – ‘World Domination’

“World domination is what we dream about mostly, so that’s the title song.”

2. Impossible Dreamers – ‘Spin (Betty Botox edit)’

“They tell us it’s impossible but it’s not. But we like to dance to that one.”

3. Róisín Murphy – ‘All My Dreams’

“Roisin murphy seems to have similar influences on this one like we have on our two singles. We like to share our dreams.”

4. Suicide – ‘Dreams’


5. F Ingers – ‘My Body Next To Yours’

“This is the romantic way of dreaming together. Maybe it’s more about Daydreaming.”

6. Zoo Kid – ‘The Wake’

“The Moment when you realise monster snakes do not really exist, but still nervous.”

7. Sharkey’s Night – ‘Laurie Anderson (feat. William Burroughs)’

“Psychedelic nightmares with two of the great ones.”

8. Rare Silk – ‘Storm’

“Sit back and relax, eyes closed…”

9. Psychic TV – ‘Black Moon’

“Existence is pure. No words needed.”

10. Alleys Of Your Mind – Cybotron

“That’s the basis of a proper dream library.”

NOW is out on 13 September via Malki Tuti. Tour dates HERE.

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