The Gold Setting – a fluid cast of all-stars fronted by Brooklyn’s Liza Colby – have just released ‘Being Alone Without You‘ ahead of upcoming EP, Volume And Tone.

It was back in 2015, that Colby joined multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger Todd Simon (Ghostface Killah, Sharon Jones, Lily Allen) in Los Angeles. Simon enlisted Grammy-nominated Adam Berg (Decoders), and they were soon collaborating with songwriter/producer/musician Richard Rudolph (Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, Chaka Khan) at Berg’s Manifest Music studio in Santa Monica.

Volume And Tone is the result – a four track collection that melds vintage instrumentation, bold electro-pop textures, and rugged beats with timeless Motown-tinged song-craft. Organic yet electrified, the tracks were recorded using a blend of old school 50s/60s techniques and modern technology, bringing out the authentic tones of the instruments yet delivering an explosive sound.

“My whole life I have been song obsessed,” says Colby, on her playlist for FMS. “I get hooked on a song and then I become a slave to the repeat button. Here are my song obsessions of the last couple weeks. My only recommendation is that you listen to them super loud, on psychedelics, or in a car. Music always sounds best when you are driving, don’t know why.”

1. Flamin’ Groovies – ‘Slow Death’

“Wait did the Flamin’ Groovies just out groove the Stones? I don’t know but aahhh slide guitar, killer riff, driving beat. Can’t help but get loose and wild when I hear this.”

2. Iggy Pop – ‘Woman Dream’

“This song reminds me of the ’80s movies I grew up on. Super sexy! And I don’t know about you but I can never get enough Iggy. I just imagine he is singing this to me.”

3. Frank Zappa – ‘Apostrophe’

“I always need a life sound track song for when I’m strutting the streets of NYC, this makes me feel like I’m getting shit done.”

4. The Cars – ‘It’s All I Can Do’

“In the pop pocket. I love the Cars. The harmonies and groove of this make me so happy.”

5. Paul McCartney – ‘Oh Woman, Oh Why’

“Another gem my bass player put me on to. The drums are nuts on this. The song is so simple and heavy.”

6. Talking Heads – ‘Psycho Killer’

“This is my gym jam right now. Pumps me up so I can work it out.”

7. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

“It’s always hard to cover an all-time classic song. Nancy and Lee fuckin’ killed this. Their voices together feel like a sonic match made in heaven! REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!”

8. Lenny Williams – ‘Cause I Love You’

“If I don’t have a soaking wet dripping in hot sex juice song on my songs I’m obsessed with right now list you’ll know something is wrong with me. This is it! Also one of the best things about this song in particular is watching people try to sing along.”

9. Nancy Wilson – ‘How Glad I Am’

“I love this song. My bass player turned me on to it. It’s a true love song. This song just kills me. The tone of her voice the reverb in the room makes it almost spooky.”

10. Link Wray – ‘Fire And Brimstone’

“Love a lyric plot. Super groove driven! Nestled right in the middle of Rock and Roll, Country, Soul and Blues! It just never sounds inauthentic.”

“Stoked to share my musical obsessions of the moment. Hope The Gold Setting will become a music obsession for you.”

Volume and Tone is out this April, tour dates to follow.

The Gold Setting - Volume And Tone