Berlin-based German/UK production duo TONI&MASH released their debut single ‘LTGFU’ via Black Diamonds Records just last month, which draws on a myriad of influences from ‘80s new wave, electro and R&B, and highlights female empowerment. “‘LTGFU’ is a battle cry for everyone who lives for the weekend, it’s a pop anthem for ravers. Spelled out, the song’s title is ‘Love To Get Fucked Up’. We think it’s pretty self-explanatory.”

TONI&MASH produce “alternative R&B, synth pop tracks, layering vocals, harmonic hooks and rhythmic drum patterns,” and ‘LTGFU’ is the first of three singles to released via the Berlin-based electronic pop-infused label.

“If you want to catch us playing live in Berlin, we have a show at a secret location, the first weekend of October. This night is dedicated to badass bitches and the final date will soon be announced on all of our social media channels.”

As for their playlist: “We decided to go on the theme of our favourite fringe female artists since this group has always been a huge inspiration to us; women in music doing it their own way, which is also our approach. We also have mad respect for these artists because they have sick aesthetics in their music videos, which is not only something we respect but also aim for in our own videos.”

1. Dua Saleh – ‘Warm Pants’

“Haunting melody, lyrics and video by this great new female artist!”

2. Fever Ray – ‘If I Had A Heart’

Karin Dreijer is a genius in my opinion. I love everything she does, whether as part of The Knife or with her solo project, Fever Ray. This song I love especially because it is simple, yet it has many dimensions. Also her lyric game is sick.”

3. Grimes – ‘Oblivion’

“Grimes is an inspiration for DYI female artists around the world, this track is a banger and she´s an absolute G in this video.”

4. Little Simz – ‘101 FM’

“Word wizard, Little Simz stole my heart with this bitter sweet song, lovely beat and heart-string-pulling video.”

5. Micachu – ‘Turn Me Well’

“This fringe female artist writes the most beautiful songs, produces sick unconventional beats, ranging from rock, pop, hip hop to electro and is just overall inspiring to me. Total girl crush on this one.”

6. Shygirl – ‘MSRY’

“I fucking love Shygirl, she’s a producer who manages to capture such a raw state of emotions, especially with this track; bending feelings like jealousy and heartache into this kinda dark, gritty, chunky dance track, she speaks to my soul!”

7. Bodhrán – ‘Bonzai’

“Perfect percussion, vibing vocals and catchy hooks, love this track and the build on it that almost plays with pop elements before dropping back into broken rhythms like I like it.”

8. Know V.A. – ‘Undone (feat. LYZZA)’

Another goddess of darkness. Lyzza’s productions are off the hook and her vocals haunt over this Know V.A. track. She’s a producer I wanna keep my eyes and ears on for a long time, she’s so young and so talented.”

9. Ikonika – ‘Where Is Your Wife?’

“Ikonika Ikonika Ikonika, the most dynamic and dirty DJ producer there is in the game. I don’t think there’s a single release of hers that hasn’t hit the right spot. Can do nothing but recommend anyone to catch her anytime they might get the opportunity.”

10. OKZharp & Manthe Ribane – ‘B U’

“Seemed like a pretty fitting way to end this playlist, ‘just be you, be a dream come true’ are the lyrics to the sparse but weighty chorus. This track is a mantra for me, to commit to your dreams in the most upfront, no bullshit way. Do your thing, regardless of everything else. OKZharp & Manthe Ribane are putting out incredible releases, again, I can only recommend everything they do.”

‘LTGFU’ is out now via Black Diamonds Records. Listen to it HERE.

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Find TONI&MASH’s playlist below and HERE.

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