Oslo’s alt-electro singer/songwriter, Torgny, has marked his return with the release of a new EP, the first of a three part EP series titled Cut & Run, due this year.

All three tracks on the EP tell stories about characters in a state of urgency – death, longing and heartbreak being key themes running through the EP. “‘Cut & Run’ is a phrase that originated in the 1700s and alludes to cutting loose a ship’s anchor and sailing away quickly from an urgent situation,” explains Torgny. “And I think the urge to get out or to be somewhere else can be felt in all of these songs.”

The first single to be taken from the EP is ‘All The Scars’, an energetic but melancholic tune, while the video is based on the autobiographical film La Pudeur Ou L’Impudeur by French writer Hervé Guibert, who documented the final year of his life and battle with AIDS. Guibert died 27 December, 1991.

As for his playlist for FMS Magazine,”Sometimes one stumbles upon a performance online that keeps giving. It could be pure musical talent, the energy level or creative concept, or maybe it is something uncanny – something odd that you can’t really pinpoint –  that makes you keep watching. This collection of clips is performance based, and it’s about music and/or dance. Enjoy the political protest, the nude dancing, the crying, the rage, grace, beauty and weirdness! It’s all in there.”

1. Pussy Riot – ‘Punk Prayer’

“Brave, funny, political, relevant.”

2. Bonnie Prince Billy – ‘The Same Love Made Me Laugh’

“Strong and unexpected cover by this Bill Withers classic.”

3. Bad Brains – ‘House Of Suffering’

“Frontman H.R in his prime… And I just love how he fist bumps his hip to the rhythm.”

4. Fugazi – ‘Waiting Room’

“Best audience ever? Musical bliss and singalongs for days.”

5. Lisbeth Gruwez in Jan Fabre’s ‘When a Leading Man Turns Out To Be A Woman’

“Raw performance about the transformation from man to woman.”

6. J.Views Playing ‘Teardrop’ With Vegetables

“Veggie beat making.”

7. Mårten Spångberg – ‘La Substance’

“Loved this psychedelic, sometimes fast sometimes slow, four-hour long performance. This video shows some of it.”

8. Townes Van Zandt – ‘Waitin’ Around To Die’

“How the old man in the back gradually caves in to the song.”

9. Denis Lavant dancing at the end of “Beau Travail» (Claire Denis)

“Existential dancing at its best, keep on watching after the first end credits.”

10. Grace Jones – ‘Demolition Man’

“Love the robotic physicality and her presence in general. Stage and light design too.”

The visual identity of Cut & Run is a collaboration with Austrian-Norwegian artist and photographer Willibald Storn.

Cut & Run – Pt. 1 is out now.

Torgny - Cut & Run Pt. 1