Hailing from Montreal, Canada, producer UNDERHER – aka Khaled Bess – has found his place among the most successful Tunisian and Canadian electronic acts over the last couple of years.

Following his recent move to Berlin, where UNDERHER is surrounded by a myriad of artists, the Montreal native continues to explore new sonic pursuits. Though his sound transcends genre boundaries, the Canadian producer’s music is defined by a sensuality, melancholia and sorrow.

In addition to his solo productions, UNDERHER has collaborated with a number of artists, including the likes of Moby, Books Shade, U2, Maya Jane Coles, and has supported live bands such as SOHN, HVOB and Haelos on stage.

Aside from his dance music work, UNDERHER’s passion for making indie electronica and indie pop caught the attention of Netflix. With seven tracks featured on six Netflix shows, Khaled Bess is carving a niche for himself in the Hollywood world.

1. UNDERHER – ‘False Promises (fet. Neev)’

“We all have those people promising to change but never do it.”

2. Birds of Mind – ‘Just Let Go (feat. Zemira Israel)’

“That awesome feeling when you wake and feel the sun on your skin ;).”

3. Tender – ‘Erode’

“All you need when you’re in bed with someone.”

4. TripleGo – ‘Sans Parler’

“My French song of the moment about hard times.”

5. Rowee – ‘Out Of Reach (feat. Nohan)’

“Sunny and happy vibes all around.”

6. Jacques Greene – ‘Drop Location’

“Just a lovely RAW track.”

7. UNDERHER x Eleonora – ‘Melancholia’

“Our first collaboration with Eleonora, and we have a full album coming up :).”

8. UNDERHER x Kyla Millette – ‘Unbreakable’

“Same for Kyla :). She’s my new James Bond girl, that voice is unbreakable.”

9. UNDERHER – ‘We Don’t Belong Here (feat. Liz Cass)’

“This track, I just made it ;).”

10. Choir of Young Believers – ‘Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge Remix)’

“Such a deep and emotive track, Lulu Rouge are the masters and one of the biggest inspirations to my sound.”

2020 is looking beautiful and full of surprise for Khaled Bess, with his first release of the year on Solomun’s label 2DIY4, his first official LP on underheryourskin with massive remixes, tons of singles, EPs and an upcoming world tour.

UNDERHER’s new EP, False Promises is out now via 2DIY4. Buy it HERE.

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