Backyard Cinema: Winter Night Garden @ Winterville

Last night saw the launch of Backyard Cinema‘s latest installation, housed at the festive Winterville in Victoria Park, London.

Entrance to their Winter Night Garden is through a C. S. Lewis style wardrobe, found inside the cosy Woodland Bar. Therein lies an enchanted forest themed passageway that twists and turns its way to the secluded cinema, with rows of comfy beanbag seating up front, and sofas at the back. Inside, a mini-bar serves craft beers and popcorn, and blankets are available to snuggle into.

Either side of the screen are more trees and sparkly lights, and am pretty sure they were given an atmospheric boost during ‘Walking In The Air‘ while we were watching The Snowman.

Backyard Cinema will be showing 42 films across six categories, from family films and musicals, to cult classics, up until December 23rd.

Those who like to feast on meat will also be pleased to find a niche menu of beef, venison and game burgers tucked in with the scene, courtesy of The Wild Game Co., but more food options are available elsewhere within the festival.

Full marks from this family for the Backyard Cinema experience, (fortunately we were not that hungry).

Backyard Cinema

**Six Film Categories**
Proper Christmas // Family Films // Cult Christmas // Musicals // Comedy Christmas // Non-Christmas

**42 Featured Films**
Gremlins // Happy Feet // Frozen // Home Alone // Die Hard // Minions // Elf // Edward Scissorhands
Batman Returns // Scrooged // Muppet Christmas Carol // Arthur Christmas // The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Nightmare Before Christmas // Bad Santa // Rise of The Guardians // Jurassic Park // Jurassic World // White Christmas
Moulin Rouge // Inside Out // Die Hard 2 // The Lion King // Get Santa // The Santa Claus // Pitch Perfect // It’s a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th St // Love Actually // Mary Poppins // Bridget Jones’s Diary // Lethal Weapon // Hook // Home Alone 2 // Monsters Inc
Bugsy Malone // Never Ending Story // White Christmas // The Wizard Of Oz // Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark


Backyard Cinema | The Winter Night Garden
Thursday 26th November – Sunday 23rd December
Winterville, Victoria Park, Grove Road, London E3 5TB

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Words: Sarah Hardy