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Following the unveiling of their latest single, ‘When Love Is Alive’, Oslo-based electro-pop duo BLØSH have released their debut album Keep Bleeding, Keep Breathing on Julia Julia Records.

Collaborating with Grammy Award-winning singer Siri Nilsen, ‘When Love Is Alive’ is all sharp snare beats and silky layered vocals, perfectly paired with breezy guitar riffs. It’s catchy, melodious pop at its finest – but perhaps what sets it apart from other songs is the unlikely source of inspiration behind the track.

As Oslo-native guitarist Jørgen Berg Svela and Madrid-born cellist and singer Teresa Bernabé reveal; “‘When Love Is Alive’ came about whilst we were watching the documentary Man on Wire by James Marsh, which blew our minds. The story is about the high-wire artist Philippe Petit, who illegally walked on a tight-rope between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1974. ‘When Love Is Alive’ is our interpretation of the incredible story about someone so passionate about doing something that he is willing to break the law, without hurting anyone but himself to achieve it. We find this extremely fascinating, and to us that state of mind is a kind of love that truly is alive and all-consuming.”

It’s an unusual theme for any song, but for a love song especially it is an intriguing point of reference. It is testament to the band’s potential that they can work with such obscure inspirations and use them to craft a sweet slice of electro-pop; and it is a talent that they go on to showcase throughout the rest of the album.