With the world in lockdown, bands and artists around the globe have had to get creative when it comes to creating visuals to accompany music releases, and that’s no different for twenty-five-year-old singer-songwriter, Conor Scott, whose powerful voice and melancholic soul, is captured on his new performance video for ‘Overthinking’.

The new visual, directed and edited entirely through video, is made up of a collage of footage made under quarantine by the Belfast native and his bandmates. With a focus on vocal performance and live instrumentation, the performance video showcases Scott’s dynamic songwriting and deeply atmospheric sound.

“Coronavirus killed the opportunity to record the music video for my single, ‘Overthinking’,” says Scott. “So, I got a bunch of friends ‘together’ to put down a 1-Take recording video and audio to give the best possible ‘live’ video we can get. Here is the result!”

Scott’s music pulls inspiration from classic rock, indie, and folk, which has led him to headline stages at the Camden Assembly and The Guildhall, and tour Europe supporting Ryan McMullan. While he is most recognised for ‘Watch Me Go’ and ‘Move On’, He’s now stepping forward with his music, revealing an aesthetic voice not heard in today’s music landscape. We caught up with the London-based artist to get the lowdown on his latest release.

“The narrative of the song is essentially about that time in a relationship when things aren’t necessarily at their best. It’s not a break-up song though.”

What’s the story behind your latest single, ‘Overthinking’?

“The narrative of the song is essentially about that time in a relationship when things aren’t necessarily at their best. It’s not a break-up song though. It’s more about just accepting the emotions that you are going through, saying your thoughts out loud and then seeing where your head is at. It is melancholic positivity.”

What were the challenges in filming and editing the video?

“Filming wasn’t so bad, however I had absolutely no video editing experience at all. So, it was a long graft and patience was very much needed – things like matching up video to audio and cutting in and out of different frames.”

How have you stayed connected to your music fans during lockdown?

“I’ve done a few live streams which have been quite fun to do. Also, I’ve got a collaborative playlist on Spotify called ‘Vibes & Craic’ where I’ve been asking people to weekly send me some music they’ve been listening to during lockdown, which has been quite fun.”

Who else do you work with and what do they bring to the table?

Daniel Morgan Ball produced ‘Overthinking’ and we’ve been working together on a few other tracks. He’s a great listener to how I want the song to be but just elevates it to a whole other level. We share a lot of love for similar music, so communication is very easy.”

What are you working on at the moment?

“Currently I’m tying up a lot of demos and songs that I never got round to finishing, which has also led me to improving my production techniques – something I’d maybe like to get more into.”

How do you think you’ve most developed as an artist since your earlier releases?

“Songwriting definitely, I think that’s always going to be a progression through time. Also finding what I think is my ‘sound’ compared to earlier releases.”

Who would you love to collaborate with most? 

“There’s a bunch of producers I’d love to work with.” 

Which bands/artists are you listening to at the moment?

Haim, Fontaines D.C, Inhaler, Run The Jewels.”

What can we expect from your next release? 

“It’s hard to say right now, we are working on what the next release will be and will be getting into the studio at the earliest time possible. I think ‘Overthinking’ has paved the way and style where I want my music to go, so people can probably expect some audio fidelity to that. I’m very excited about the next bunch of releases.”

What are you most looking forward to post-lockdown?

“Gigs & Ice-Cold Pints.”

Check out Conor Scott’s Vibes & Craic playlist below.

‘Overthinking is out now.

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