Following the success of her sultry single, ‘Trickle Trickle’, Denmark’s KIll J – aka Julie Aagaard – returns with her hotly anticipated debut EP, Quasi. The single features alongside ‘You’re Good But I’m Better’, new tracks ‘Mama Taught Me Well’, ‘Back Home’ and forthcoming single ‘Coda’, all of which showcase what KIll J does best; blending quivering vocals with rippling beats that ebb and flow to create sharply sweet pieces of experimental pop.

“It’s a very personal thing. I’m conflicted. I’m a pop artist – but I don’t quite fit into that box…” says Kill J of the EP title, “then I realize that I don’t have to be fully something. I’m quasi. Half graceful goddess, half reptile.”

This is a notion that is tangible in her songs, where she laces her delicate, ethereal voice through thunderous beats and melancholic lyrics; such as on the upcoming single ‘Coda’: “a song about taking power back. I chose the title because it is a musical term which describes a passage that brings the piece to the end – an after play or finale. You always know what you should have said after it’s over and too late – ‘Coda’ is my way of getting the last word.”

Storming the online arena with a series of tracks in 2015, Kill J only looks set to further her position as one of Denmark’s most exciting exports this year.

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