Festival Style @ Reasons 2015

Justin Robertson , DJ, 47Lauren Brocken, 32Omi Sloan, 22 & Soraya Leila, 23Soraya Leila, 23Evangeline Yates, 19Lauren Burnett, 30Dan Sharpe, 32Paige Santos, 21Rebecca Baines, 21Abi Lucas, 23Sapphire Rose Keyes, 24Martine Le Boustouller, 24Wayne Stewart, 30David Keenan, 27Jodie Hasset, 20 Aaron Sparkz, Artist, 25Liam Jagerverb, Artist, 23Jo Smart AKA Jobiwan, Artist, 25Max from Tesselate, Artist, 23

Reasons Electronic and Arts Festival took place for the first time this July, and FMS teamed up with Jersey-based Luella Rockerfella for a bit of style-spotting. Check out our gallery above, shot within the confines of Coronation Park, Millbrook; and in order of appearance…

01 | Name Justin Robertson, DJ Age 47
Fashion Inspiration “Hmm not sure but would best describe my look as Urban Flaneur…”

Justin certainly has his own individual style, and I’m sure he was wearing a different outfit whilst on the decks. Totally feeling the Pamplona running the bull’s style neck scarf! Teamed with cream trilby to match his granddad style cardigan.

02 | Name Lauren Brocken Age 32
Fashion Inspiration “If I had to say someone it would have to be Kate Moss. Newer, younger supermodels may have come along, but her classic looks, rock n roll attitude and timeless style win over the young try-hard’s every time.”

Laura’s relaxed style, with a subtle hint of rock chick, served her well as her job as stage manager. She was able to dart about whilst rocking waved pink hair, a leather skirt, long sleeved delusion checked print top, and Nike 5.0. Perfectly topped off with orange tint lipstick – one of this season’s big lip colours.

03/04 | Names Omi Sloan & Soraya Leila Ages 22 & 23
Fashion Inspiration Omi, “From Holland’s street fashion as I used to live there.” Soraya, “From following people on Instagram and Facebook.”

Omi was simple yet expressive through her plaid check 90s Nirvana style shirt, gold statement necklace, and rounded mired sunglasses. Soraya punked up boho perfectly, with Doc Marten boots and knee high socks, worn with white hot pants, black band vest and headscarf.

Reasons Festival 2015

Evangeline Yates, age 19

05 | Name Evangeline Yates Age 19
Fashion Inspiration “It really does depend on what music I’m listening to when I start my day. Which varies depending on what mood I’m in when I wake up.”

Evangeline had a very natural and breezy look, tying it altogether with key summer festival pieces. The vintage silk style, oversized shirt is making a massive comeback on the festival scene – a retro alternative to a kimono. This look goes back to Biggie and Puff Daddy in the 90s, along with the backward 90s orange baseball cap, chunky sandals, crop top and slouch bag. Evangeline knows how to dress for her complexion and style, perfectly and effortlessly.

06 | Name Lauren Burnett Age 30
Fashion Inspiration “My mum is my biggest fashion idol, dressing timelessly and classically while adding sass to an outfit. I get my inspiration from Vogue, charity shops, etsy.com and Luella Rockerfella’s social media pages!”

Lauren takes current events into consideration when making fashion decisions. As the day of Reasons festival was also the Wimbledon woman’s final, she sourced a 1980’s Original Fred Perry high-waist tennis skirt from luellarockerfella.com. The lace racer back top and white jelly sandals complement the outfit, whilst keeping her cool in the heat, set off by a touch of 90s grunge, violet hair.

07 | Name Dan Sharpe Age 32
Fashion Inspiration “I try to dress in neutral colours and express myself with how I feel on the day, but keep it neutral.”

Dan is a cool character, from his dark, drainpipe Nudie denim jeans, to his ever trending male staple – the long baggy tee – to his vintage look, leather jacket. His look is simple yet effective, with a hint of modern Blues Brothers. This look is strong and can transcend from day to night. Dan would describe his look as ‘mono-cool.’

08 | Name Paige Santos Age 21
Fashion Inspiration “I like to dress a bit quirky. I love shopping in charity shops, seeing what I can find. Today I wanted to dress festively.”

Paige found her shirt in a charity shop, which I think shows her dedication to style and finding a bargain, its authentic. The look is completed by a black crop top, with Levis denim hot pants from luellarockerfella.com and a backwards 90s style cap.

09 | Name Rebecca Baines Age 21
Fashion Inspiration “I look for colour and comfort, it has to catch my eye.”

Rebecca wore this season’s trend, The Palms, perfectly in a comfortable yet stylish jumpsuit. The colours really complement her skin tone and hair colouring, accessorised well with orange converse and crystal pendant.

Reasons Festival 2015

Abi Lucas, age 23

10 | Name Abi Lucas Age 23
Fashion Inspiration “Today my main concern was covering the cast on my leg!”

Abi chicly covered her cast with a demure navy playsuit, which reminded me of laid back French style. She accessorised perfectly with chunky on trend silver jewellery, and sequenced face jewels adding extra subtle sparkle.

11 | Name Sapphire Rose Keyes Age 24
Fashion Inspiration “I try to embrace street style, urban elements and get my swag on.”

Sapphire’s look was strong, and she certainly embraced street, urban and swag into this look. The netted black T-Shirt,with Levis hot pants with yellow printed anorak for a splash of colour, ankle socks, Converse and high under cut hair. Sapphire owned and rocked her look.

12 | Name Martine Le Boustouller Age 24
Fashion Inspiration “I draw my fashion inspiration mostly from the 60s era. I like the relaxed 60s look. So I shop mainly vintage or vintage style.”

Martine reminded me of the character, Penny Lane, in the movie Almost Famous, or an extra in The Jimi Hendrix Experience. She really embraced the 60s look with low waist, tie-dye flared trousers, suede tasselled long waist coat and silver bra top to complement the silver jewellery accessories, including an amazing chunky silver belly chain, chunky gold neck choker, and a gold bindi. Perfect Woodstock look!

13 | Name Wayne Stewart Age 30
Fashion Inspiration “Today I wanted to wear something that was comfortable and a conversation piece, this shirt was both.”

Wayne pulled off the cool pet detective look in his monochrome black and white tiger print shirt, slim fit black jeans and Nikes.

14 | Names Who Knows…
Festival goers expressing this seasons festival trends, palm prints, vintage shirts, vintage style shorts, boots, converse, leather back packs and 90s style buns.

Reasons Festival 2015

David Keenan, age 27

15 | Name David Keenan Age 27
Fashion Inspiration “I don’t know really, I suppose I’m inspired musically and style wise from the 90s Indie genre.”

David wore Adidas vintage jacket with granddad style collar, cut off denim jeans, old school vintage Adidas Gazelles, rounded mirrored sunglasses and black trilby – totally reminiscent of the 90s indie genre.

16 | Name Jodie Hasset Age 20
Fashion Inspiration “My fashion idol at the moment is Baby Spice in the 90s!”

Jodie’s style is relaxed and chic, with her light Missguided off-the-shoulder, long sleeved jumpsuit, teamed with black belt to enhance her waist line and match her bag and sunglasses, whilst the scruffy Converse casual down the playsuit for rock look, festival day wear.

17 | Name Aaron Sparkz, Artist Age 25
Fashion Inspiration “Myself, I inspire myself!”

Aaron’s laid back style in fashion and life is alluring. His look was very old school Fresh Prince, from his retro high top Nike trainers, to his shell green, slim camo style trousers, fresh white T-shirt, and basketball flat cap, topped off with a cocktail umbrella behind the ear to show he’s ready to party.

18 | Name Liam Jagerverb, Artist Age 23
Fashion Inspiration “I get a lot of my style and inspiration from skateboarding fashion, and I live in Berlin so see a lot of hipster style and I suppose that influences me too.”

Liam embodies both of his influences, skating and hipster style. He wears retro Adidas in a style popular in the late 80s, teamed with dark denim in a relaxed harem style; black T-shirt with rolled up sleeves, backwards hat and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

19 | Name Jo Smart AKA Jobiwan, Artist Age 25
Fashion Inspiration “My mother in her youth, her style is what I emulate.”

Jo’s vintage jumpsuit fits her body shape perfectly, and the Aztec style print, with deep reds, give it a certain sass. Jo Smart reminds me of Jo Whiley in her younger years. She teams her vintage playsuit perfectly with leopard print pumps.

20 | Name Max from Tesselate, Artist Age 23
Fashion Inspiration “I’m inspired by house and techno music.”

Max’s look is 90s sport classic. He wears retro Reebok classic trainers with white socks, which hints 90s city street casual style, he pairs them with retro Nike jogging bottoms and white T-Shirt, which embodies the casual subculture trend.

Words: Lauren Burnett
Photos: Harley Brennan