Well, this is just too much… and we love it.

Toronto’s K.I.D (Kids In Despair) have revealed a short film entitled Family BBQ, documenting the first six months of their life as a band.

Sibling duo, Kara and Bobby, formed K.I.D after high school when they were deemed unfit for higher education. Dwelling in their alcoholic mother’s basement, they began making demos that they would later classify as ‘garage pop’.

“Our medications have made our minds so cloudy,” they tell us, “we barely remember having been on tour in the UK and Canada. Luckily, we stumbled upon this tape in our alcoholic mother’s basement, containing lost footage of our first year as a band. We’ve filtered the footage through our brains, and turned it into our very first garage-pop-tour-doc. Thanks to our friend Jungle George for helping us put the short film together, and our cousin Trishelle for following us with a camcorder and filming our early gigs”

Featuring performances taken from live shows, ranging from rock clubs to their own garage, viewers can witness early renditions of tracks from their debut EP, including ‘Bong Song’, ‘I Wish I Was Your Cigarette’ and – personal highlight, due to Bobby’s introduction, “This next song we wrote and, its about true love, so like, me at a food truck.” – ‘New Emotion’.

“How do you feel?” Kara asks brother Bobby at one point on their travels. “Erm… haemorrhoidy,” he replies.

And later in the film, “My answer hasn’t changed.”

The pair are just as deadpan on stage, “Have you ever been too stoned to get up and take a piss?” Asks Kara, before breaking into song…

I had the strangest dream
That I was doing OK
Then I woke up on the floor
Again this happens always
You tell me to go apply
At the corner gas station
But I spent the afternoon
Smoking and masturbating
The skies above are falling
My body is breaking down
How many times a week
Could you kick me out?

Well, she had me at ‘masturbating’.

K.I.D’s debut EP is out now.