Danish trio, Less Win, are purveyors of high adrenaline infused Post-Punk, and on first listen to their UK debut EP, Further, I can already say that I’m hooked.

Less Win’s sound harks back to the Post-Punk anger and experimentalism of bands like The Pop Group, Josef K, Ausgang and The Birthday Party. Dark skeletal guitars screech and scream as vocals are howled in brutal brilliance, and the heavy thumping of jagged yet succinct drum patterns make for an absolute gem of a debut EP.

‘As Of Today’ boots the EP off powerfully and perfectly. A Mark Stewart-esque scream punctuates a rhythm and melody that slices and struts with confidence and aggression. ‘As Of Today’ is the sound of the Pop Group, Ausgang and The Birthday Party chucked into a blender with the lid off. Stand back! This is not for the faint-hearted!

‘I’m The Sure’ clambers and stumbles cacophonously as melodies stab and pierce the dense whirling musical surface. Think UK Decay going at it hammer and tongs with Mission of Burma and you are almost there. By the time you reach the end of this track you wonder if Less Win have anything remaining in the tank after the full force of the previous sonic assaults, as the final track approaches.

‘Listen Louder’, the EP’s closer goes full throttle and turns the intensity way past 11. The track flies at break neck speed – guitars, basses and drums are smashed, pounded but controlled tightly and the result is absolutely mesmerizing. Further is as apt a name as any for this EP, as Less Win have sonically pushed themselves further than most bands have when it comes to a debut release, and all that is left for now is to ‘Listen Louder’.

Further is out on June 19th via Big Oil Recording Co., and available for pre-order here.


17 June – Bedroom Bar, London


Words: Nick Vivid