Hip Hop beats, tales of woe and slick synths are the order of the day on Button Eyes’ latest single ‘Please don’t Take My Blues’. Button Eyes is a London based musical project headed by South London producer Lewis Lindgren and the aforementioned track features super smooth guest vocals by CW Jones.

The track has a laid back street style in the vein of early Ian Brown. The song has its narrator soul searching and the repetitive nature of the track works perfectly as he admits “the medicine ain’t working”; Jones conveys the despair with eloquent ease.

‘Please Don’t Take My Blues’ is what I can only describe as musical elixir. If you have experienced that dread on first awakening after a night that did not go to plan, on hearing this track you will know you are not the only one and the re-assurance will ease the pain. If hangovers could be cured by music, then this track and Paracetamol would be my first line of defence.

Words: Nick Vivid