Mature pop is tricky. Few do it well. But Allyson Ezell is an upcoming talent firmly in that minority.

On her current ‘The Ease Of Remembering Sparks – Part 1’ EP (out now via Universal Music) Ezell shows off how classy, intelligent and affecting leftfield pop can be.

Opener ‘Pick It Up’ is as irrefutably catchy as it is beautifully built. The track evolves from a breathy whisper to a sing-along chorus, all the while Allyson’s voice performing understated feats. She could probably match one Florence Welch in a lungful sing-off, but chooses to exercise some of the restraint the latter refuses to employ.

The gulf between Ezell’s vocal prowess and the minimal electro twinges and beats gives off a refined finish. The chilled ‘Talk To Me’ is a perfect example of Allyson’s contrasting sound. Her distinctive vocals are given room to wax and wane whilst the laid-back percussion meanders in the distance.

‘Disappear (What I Do)’ shows off the attitude that allowed this Franco-American songstress to breeze her way into a recording contract. “I’m sorry I made you love me, I’m sorry I made you care”, she sings, unperturbed and actually not really sorry at all. We like it.

From the sprightly poise of the single ‘Pick It Up’ to the darker sentiments of ‘Landmine’, this EP is a fine taster of Allyson Ezell’s varied charms.

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