Sweden’s rough pop-diamond, Thomas Stenström, has just announced his summer tour dates in Sweden.

Within just two albums, Nåt annat, nån annanstans (2012) and Fulkultur (2014), Stenström has proven to be an ambitious young pop-poet with traditional Swedish graveness and solid song-writing skills.

The ultra pop hit track ‘Slå mig hårt i ansiktet’ (‘Hit Me Hard In The Face’) from second album Fulkultur, tore down the wall to the wide public in Sweden, and even made its way to Danish and Norwegian national radio. But the young icon has much more depth than that.

Songs like ‘Fåglar’ (‘Birds’) reveals his roots deep in the Scandinavian tradition of elegant anthems. ‘Fåglar’ is a sublime duet with Frida Sundemo.

If Sweden’s not on your hit list this summer, and even if you don’t understand the Swedish language, I still recommend that you check out this amazing new artist.

Thomas Stenström has so far only played one concert in Denmark, last November on Loppen. But it’s with high hopes it won’t be the last.

Sweden tour dates:

11 – Bollebygd (Schoolsout)
12 – Karlstad (Lotsoflove)
14 – Bergenfest

03 – Siestafestivalen
04 – Övik (Summerinthepark)
11 – Uddevalla (Trägårn)
17 – Jotenheim (Vinjerock)
18 – Slottsfjell
22 – Strömstad (Hamnsköj)
24 – Hudikskalaset
25 – Emmaboda
29 – Lysekil (Havsbadet)
31 – Ulricehamn (Uport)

01 – Storsjöyran
07 – Kalmar stadsfest
08 – Arvika hamnfest


Words: Maria Viskinde