Emerging alt-pop songstress, PATHS, released her A/B single ‘Right Beside You’ and ‘Last One Standing’ just last month, incorporating both serene and engaging synth-pop moments, while showcasing her ability to manipulate diverse and multi-cultural samples.

Produced by Rory Friers (Thrash Hat), the A/B release follows on from ‘Neoprene’; “I wanted to get three tracks out in a short timeframe to give listeners a full taste of my sound and felt that a single followed quickly by an A/B was the best route,” explains the artist.

“‘Neoprene’, ‘Right Beside You’ and ‘Last One Standing’, were written and produced in close succession and although different in sound, are all a lyrical reflection of relationship challenges. ‘Right Beside You’ is about how you can be with someone 24/7 but it’s as if they don’t truly see you anymore and inside you’re screaming ‘I’m right beside you’. It’s about digital distraction. While ‘Last One Standing’ is about being in a fading relationship, where once there was give and take and understanding. Now that’s disappearing, there’s a longing for someone to catch you from this relationship you’re falling out of.”

Check out these five emerging tracks that are invigorating PATHS right now.

1. Pixx – ‘I Bow Down’

“I’ve discovered Pixx quite recently, but I think she’ll be a real breakthrough artist. She has a voice reminiscent of Lorde, a real depth, but she has guitar style in this song quite similar to myself. I like the driving nature of this song, it’s a real motivating song, great to listen to in the car!”

2. Pumarosa – ‘Dragonfly’

“I first discovered Pumarosa, last year at The Great Escape festival in Brighton. It was late afternoon, we had been walking about all day, and had sore feet as we were constantly running from one venue to the next to catch the acts we wanted to see.  We arrived late to their set, there was a queue and we thought we wouldn’t get in, but we finally made it in for the last two songs, and they played ‘Priestess’ one of the best songs I heard all that weekend, it was ethereal and awesome, so I picked ‘Dragonfly’, being their latest release.”

3. Stevie Parker – ‘Without You’

“I just love this woman’s voice, the strength yet emotion throughout this song is something. She’s actually playing this year’s Great Escape Festival, so I’ll make sure I’m down early for her set!”

4. Miike Snow – ‘The Heart Of Me (HIM Remix)’

I love a good remix!  I love to DJ and love finding familiar songs that a DJ has taken and re-imagined in a brand new way. Miike Snow has been a big influence on my music!  I think this remix is bouncing, happy, and really makes you want to dance, what more can you ask for!

5. PATHS – ‘Last One Standing’

“Lastly, I’d love to share one of my own tracks just released at end of February, it’s a song close to my heart, one of the first produced in my new solo project. We released this as the second track on an A/B split single, and although this is the B-side, I really want it to shine in its own right, as it provides another insight and depth into what my music is about, and my style of guitar work.”

“PS check out the awesome LOTUS remix on one of my own tracks, ‘Neoprene’!”

This playlist is also available on Spotify, simply click HERE.