London’s 90s flavoured quartet, Storms, have today released the visuals to accompany debut track ‘Girl’

The video to shoegazey, Suede-esque ‘Girl’ features a George McFly type character with an epic crush. Yeah, he even falls out of a tree while perving on the object of his affection.

“Girl is about this Girl, curiously,” tells songwriter and guitarist, Felix. Funny that… “I’ve loved and hated her from the moment we met because she makes me feel so euphoric one moment but the next unbearably miserable. The song tries to show how all those blurred lines between love, obsession, hate, resentment, self-loathing etc. can combine to make a person feel and behave completely unlike their normal self.”

So, does he get the girl?

Storms are signed to Manchester’s MUK Records and completed by George Runciman (lead singer/guitarist), Felix Howes (guitarist), Yacob Andersen (bass) and Gary Lee (drums).

‘Girl’ is available for free download. Get it here.

And be sure to catch them live this Summer.

06 – Electric Ballroom, supporting The Rifles (Sold out)
06 – MacBeth London (Filmed for XFM)
12-14 – Isle Of Wight Festival
19 – St. Moritz Club, Soho, London (Blow Up Residency)

31 – St. Moritz Club, Soho, London (Blow Up Residency)

28 – St. Moritz Club, Soho, London (Blow Up Residency)


Words: Emily Jukes